Weekend Nude Yoga Retreat: Yoga Foundations for Life

Weekend Yoga Retreats

August 16-18, 2019

This year we are offering two special Weekend Yoga Retreats at Naked Camp:
Yoga Foundations and The Balance of Yoga.



Retreat 1: Yoga Foundations

If you are new to yoga, or haven’t been practicing regularly, or just want a less challenging complement to your vacation time;
then this is the retreat for you.


 Dare To Begin – This year dare to start something new during Naked Camp! Find, build, or refine your Yoga Foundation!
– Learn that yoga is more than contorting yourself into a pretzel: we will talk about the 8 limbs of yoga.
– Learn that it is not the flexibility of your body but the calmness of the mind that makes a good yogi.
– Learn some of the fundamental poses and moves of the physical yoga practice and how to modify them to fit your unique and beautiful body.
– Learn how to use the breath to attain present moment awareness.
– Connect with other campers on a level that is deeper than during happy hour.
– This is a ‘Basic’ practice.
– This is open to a maximum of 12.

Retreat 1: Yoga Foundations
with Michael Lange is sold out.

.gay naked yoga retreatThis retreat will be led by:
Michael Lange, certified Power Yoga Teacher, teaches nude (and clothed) yoga in Columbus/Ohio and has been teaching yoga during GNI Gatherings since 2013;



Retreat 1: The Balance of Yoga 
with Colby Smith is sold out.


If you have a good yoga foundation and practice yoga frequently;
then this is the retreat for you.


The Balance of Yoga – finding balance in your practice and in your life.
This upbeat and playful workshop will be a more physically based yoga weekend for students with some familiarity with yoga.
We will explore:
– alignment principles within the poses to help strengthen core yoga poses
– explore a variety of asanas including balances, arm balances, and inversions to explore our relationship to our body
– explore partnered poses to teach us more about our own bodies, practice, and others
– use the physical practice to bring about more balance in our personal lives, incorporating meditation, chanting, and breathwork.
– This is more advanced than the Yoga Foundations Retreat above, although not difficult.
– This is open to a maximum of 24.
naked yoga gay naked camping nude yoga retreatThe retreat will be led by:
Colby Smith, who teaches men’s nude classes in Lambertville, NJ.  He also offers retreats throughout the US and Central America.  He has a 500-hour teaching certificate.  is also certified in IM=X pilates, and is an avid triathlete.


Anticipate a Friday evening session, 3 Saturday sessions, and a Sunday session.  
Allot 90-120 minutes for each session. 
All classes will be nude.
The fee for each Weekend Retreat is $95.
To join either retreat select the Yoga Retreat option when you register, or at any time before the start of the retreat.
Also, you can select a Yoga Cabin, to bunk with other yogis.
Select Yoga Cabin option when you register as well.
At the end of the retreat, you will walk away with a new sense of connection – new skills to get in touch with your body, to find peace in your daily life, and an openness in your heart that enables a connection both within you and with others.
Our retreat last year was very popular and it sold out quickly. 
We suggest you register for either of these retreats soon.