Weekend Nude Yoga Retreat: Yoga Foundations for Life

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Yoga Foundations for Life
August 17-19,  2018

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This year a special Weekend Yoga Retreat is being offered at Naked Camp: Yoga Foundations for Life. This retreat explores using the power of yoga in daily life.
How often do you find yourself feeling rushed, stressed, distracted, or depressed?
Even if you practice yoga on a regular basis, many people feel that the life of a yogi gets wrapped up in their mat at the end of practice and never follows them into daily life.
Yoga Foundations for Life teaches techniques to give you the power of yoga to use when you need it to combat noise, stress, distraction, depression, and isolation from others, to bring you calm, balance, focus, contentment and connection.
So imagine, you had a tool that alerted you to the early signs of stress, and then once aware of your stress, you could pull out another tool that empowered you to bring yourself calm. This yoga weekend will give you those tools.
Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a while, this could be a life-changing weekend for you.

The retreat opens Friday Night with an introduction to mindfulness in a yoga practice. Mindfulness opens an awareness of your presence in the practice and your connection with others at the retreat.
Saturday Morning, we’ll awaken with a more vigorous asana (movement) practice. This will be a faster-paced class, but designed to include all yogis through modifications.
Saturday Midday, we’ll move back toward a more peaceful practice. We’ll examine some of the basic teachings of yogic philosophy, and work with breathwork and chanting.
Saturday Afternoon will be a practice designed primarily for partner work. Participants will have an opportunity to pair with several men and learn both basic partner yoga skills as well as some basic massage skills. This practice opens you to the healing power of touch and connection.
Sunday Morning will start again with a movement based asana class that will incorporate many of the techniques we have already been learning – the word yoga means a ‘yoke’ or ‘a uniting’.   So in this practice, we put it all together.
This retreat will be led as in a traditional group practice but will utilize the assistance of other teacher/guides to help, as needed, with postures almost like a private practice.
 Each class will run approximately 75-90 minutes.
All classes will be nude.
The fee for this Weekend Retreat is $75.
At the end of the retreat, you will walk away with a new sense of connection – new skills to get in touch with your body, to find peace in your daily life, and an openness in your heart that enables a connection both within you and with others.

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The retreat will be lead by Colby Smith, who teaches men’s nude classes in Lambertville, NJ.  He also offers retreats throughout the US and Central America.  He has a 500-hour teaching certificate.  Colby is also certified in IM=X pilates and is an avid triathlete.
It will be assisted by: Jon P. who organizes Yoga at GNI and has taught classes for 15 years. As a self-taught instructor, he has led over 400 hours of sessions in a variety of disciplines. Jon lives in Minnesota with his husband James, dog Alice, and cat Grits;
Michael Lange, certified Power Yoga Teacher, teaches nude (and clothed) yoga in Columbus/Ohio and has been teaching yoga during GNI Gatherings since 2013;
Gene E, who started practicing yoga in 1978, has taught Nude Yoga Pittsburgh since 2004, and has taught at the Gathering since 2011. He recently completed his 100th 108 Sun Salutation Celebration practice. He is GNI’s Marketing Director.


To join this retreat select the yoga retreat option when you register, or at any time before the start of the retreat. This is limited to 25 participants so register soon.