Pocono Eagle Boots and Bourbon Parties

The Pocono Eagle is on the Road
with Boots and Bourbon Parties.

MAL in DC was a Sell Out Hot Time!
Next Stops:
Friday, March 22, 9pm-11:59pm

1226 Northeast 4th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 33304

CLAW and IML to follow

Seven Mr. GNI Leathers

The Boots and Bourbon Parties
are a great place to drop in, take your clothes off, leave your boots on,
have some bourbon, meet the guys, and join the fun!
It’s a hot time!

Get your Tickets for the LeatherWerks Party here:

How the Pocono Eagle and the Boots and Bourbon Parties are Funded

Like all special interest groups at the GNI Gathering, funds are generated by the group and not from GNI. The Pocono Eagle is currently receiving funds from it’s members and friends via private contributions, it’s Boots and Bourbon Parties, and it’s gofundme page. The Pocono Eagle appreciates all the help and support it has been getting, every little bit helps!

Pocono Eagle
gofundme Page