Naturist Action Alerts

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC)

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC),  of which GNI is a key supporter, is the legal defense / political action arm of The Naturist Society, from which GNI originated.

A leader on the political and legal fronts, NAC monitors legislative activities from city hall to the halls of the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament, issuing alerts and lobbying on behalf of naturist interests. When lobbying fails, NAC can be found in the courthouse, filing briefs and intervening directly on behalf of naturists and the naturist cause.

An important function of NAC is to provide timely information on political and legal issues of consequence to naturists throughout North America. Sometimes, that information is issued as an advisory or update, and simply provides background and context for an important issue. At other times, it is issued as an alert, and is a call for individual naturists to take specific action in true grassroots fashion.

GNI participates in NAC’s alert system. When we receive an advisory, update, or alert from NAC, GNI’s Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison distributes it either to all GNI members and local men’s naturist clubs or, if appropriate, only to those in the affected geographic region. If you have any questions about NAC, please contact the NAC Chairman.

Occasionally, a local or regional naturist organization issues an alert independently of NAC.

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