Gay Naturist E-former

In January 2011, The Gay Naturist E-former was born as a supplement to the quarterly Gay Naturist Informer, GNI’s official publication. It was designed to be an abbreviated, sleek, magazine style format publication that was accessible to everyone who visited the GNI website. Primarily used as a marketing tool to promote GNI and our events, it became a vehicle to disseminate information to non-members and e-mail contacts. Created and designed by Rick Johnson, GNI’s Executive Director, as he and the organization took on additional projects, the E-former suffered some unanticipated downtime in 2013 which is why only one issue was published during the whole year. But GNI tested the E-former’s proof-of-concept and tracked the numbers of hits and reads and found that it was wildly successful; thus, in January 2014, the Board retired the members-only, quarterly Gay Naturist Informer and started to publish on a monthly basis The Gay Naturist E-former in its place. Since the E-former publication was not locked behind a firewall of a username and password and was open to the public allowing tens of thousands of more men to read the publication and learn about GNI, Joe Lonsway, GNI’s editor, did a great job of producing a monthly publication in both a downloadable PDF file and viewable version in any browser. We thank him for his valuable service.


But, in our efforts to try to keep current with technology and our endeavor to reach a wider audience of men, in December 2015, The Gay Naturist E-former was retired and replaced by our semi-monthly online blog, GNI BuffBuzz. You can visit our online blog anytime and catch up on current and past article postings.


GNI has archived all of The Gay Naturist E-former issues on our website that are still available to all who visit. Spend some time walking down memory lane and enjoy the nostalgia. We sure do.