Social Hours

NakedFest will not be held in 2016; we are hoping to plan one in 2017. Check back for details.

Sign up instead for The next GNI Gathering, held August 19 – 28, 2016. Shorter attendance options are available!


Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!

Social Hour Themes
NakedFest 2017 Social Hours, 5:00 to 6:00-ish p.m. (except as otherwise noted)
Day Date Theme (or submission guideline) Sponsoring club or group*
Thursday 04 TBA GNI Staff
Friday 05 TBA GNI Board of Directors
Saturday 06 TBA OPEN

GNI supplies the beverages and snacks — but the sponsoring group provides volunteers to staff the wine bar. In return, the group may decorate the venue, hang its banner, set out literature, hand out invitations (e.g., to a cabin party), etc.  They can also choose a music playlist, pass out party favors, play games or have contests … whatever their imagination comes up with (within reason, of course).

GNI encourages participants at the themed Social Hours to be creative with their costumes, but in a manner that is appropriate to the theme and consistent with the nudist character of NakedFest.

* GNI thanks the sponsoring clubs, cabins, or other groups whose members provide volunteer staffing for Social Hours.

To sponsor a Social Hour, contact the GNI Business Office with the name or cabin number of your group and the day your group is committing to volunteer.