NakedFest Housing

NakedFest will not be held in 2016; we are hoping to plan one in 2017. Check back for details.

Sign up instead for The next GNI Gathering, held August 19 – 28, 2016. Shorter attendance options are available!


Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!

Admission to NakedFest includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), beverages (water, soft drinks, beer, some mixed drinks, and wine), accommodations, use of camp facilities (basketball/tennis/volleyball courts), admission to all activities and more. Unless you purchase something from the Crafts Fair, GNI store, or the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) auction, you won’t need any cash or credit cards!

GNI is offering two levels of housing: Standard housing for $110 per day, and Premium housing for $130 per day.  Premium housing is limited to two (2) locations (Cabin U and White House, see map below) and cannot be mixed with other housing options.  Cabin U is set aside for upgrades to Private Rooms for those that would like to pay for the extra bed in a 2-man room.  The cost to upgrade Premium housing to a Private Room is $195.  If you are interested in staying in a private room, we encourage you to select the private room option at the time you register.  Otherwise, upgrades will be contingent on availability and room assignments that have been made.  No more than 14 rooms will be used for private rooms. 

Standard housing consists of open bunk, group housing holding an average of 10 men per cabin.  Premium housing consists of individual rooms that sleep two (2) men; 14 rooms are reserved for potential private room upgrades.  We anticipate that these will sell out early and once the rooms have been reserved, there will be no more to offer. 

Premium housing upgrades are offered only to those who register for June 4 – 7, 2015.  Daily options are not eligible for Premium housing upgrades.

NakedFest Discounts

10% Next Generation Discount

If you’re a first-timer under 35 years old when you register, we’ll give you 10% off camp and bus registration fees the first time you attend NakedFest. It’s part of our Next Generation Initiative for Naturism (NGIN), which is all about getting younger guys to discover the joys of nudism. Just scan and e-mail a copy of your government-issued ID or fax it to (954) 567-2070.

Bring-A-Buddy Referral Rebate
Up to a $20 Referral Rebate

If you’ve attended The Gatheringin the past, you’ll receive up to a $20 rebate* for every first-time attendee to NakedFest you refer!

To receive this credit, you and your new guest(s) must both register, pay for, and attend NakedFest, then let us know who referred whom before June 1, 2015. If anybody cancels or is a no-show, this offer is void, although there is no limit on rebates offered! Rebates in the form of a check will be mailed after NakedFest has ended.

*$20.00 rebates are issued for attendance from June 4 – 7, 2015.  Rebates are not issued for day passes.

Linen Rentals: why schlep your sheets?

Linen rentals are available for only $44 and include:

  • a twin fitted sheet

  • top sheet

  • pillowcase

  • pillow

  • blanket

  • 3 large bath towels

  • 2 washcloths

Just check the linen rental box when you register!

NakedFest Pricing

Admission includes all meals, beverages, accommodations, use of camp facilities. There is no price variation for tents or RV’s. Prices listed below are per person.

Attendance Options Standard Housing (includes Tents/RV’s)
Premium Housing Private Room

Full Week,
June 4-7, 2015

$330 $390 $585

Daily Rate

$110 N/A N/A

Daily Rate
(If you extend at camp)

$125 N/A N/A


Cabin and Rooms

Cabin U is upgradable to private rooms.  White House rooms are not eligible for upgrades to private rooms.

Standard Housing Cabin Number of Beds Premium Housing Number of Beds Private Room Number of Beds
Cabin 1
13 Cabin U, Rm 1 2 Cabin U, Rm 1 1
Cabin 2
13 Cabin U, Rm 2 2 Cabin U, Rm 2 1
Cabin 3
13 Cabin U, Rm 3 2 Cabin U, Rm 3 1
Cabin 4 13 Cabin U, Rm 4 2 Cabin U, Rm 4 1
Cabin 5 10 Cabin U, Rm 5 2 Cabin U, Rm 5 1
Cabin 6
10 Cabin U, Rm 6 2 Cabin U, Rm 6 1
Cabin 7 7 Cabin U, Rm 7 2 Cabin U, Rm 7 1
Cabin 8 7 Cabin U, Rm 8 2 Cabin U, Rm 8 1
Cabin 9
7 Cabin U, Rm 9 2 Cabin U, Rm 9 1
Cabin 10
7 Cabin U, Rm 10 2 Cabin U, Rm 10 1
Cabin 11 7 Cabin U, Rm 11 2 Cabin U, Rm 11 1
Cabin 12 7 Cabin U, Rm 12 2 Cabin U, Rm 12 1
Cabin 13 7 Cabin U, Rm 13 2 Cabin U, Rm 13 1
Cabin 14 7 Cabin U, Rm 14 1 Cabin U, Rm 14 0
Cabin 15
10 White House, Rm 1 2
Cabin 16
10 White House, Rm 2 2
Cabin 17 10 White House, Rm 3 1
Cabin 18
10 White House, Rm 4 4
Cabin 19
10 White House, Rm 5 2
Cabin 20
10 White House, Rm 6 3
Cabin A
7 White House, Rm 7 4
Cabin B 7 White House, Rm 8 2
Cabin C 7
Cabin D 7
Cabin E
Cabin F 9
Cabin G
Cabin H 10
Cabin I 10
Cabin J 10
Cabin K
Cabin L 10
Cabin M
Cabin N
Cabin O
Cabin P
Cabin Q 7
Cabin R
Cabin S  Reserved
Cabin T  Reserved

Camp Map

To enlarge this map below, click here: Camp Map

Hillside House” found on the map is Cabin U.

Camp Map