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Pickles Naked Drag Naked Camp

Pickles’ Playground Pocono Pageant

Pickles appears for the Pickles Playground Pocono Pageant for a brief show (sing-a-long!) and contest. Special guest appearances and fun prizes for the winners!


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Stormy Weather

gay naked camp drag stormy weather

Stormy Weather is the unacknowledged love child of Neil Diamond and Ann-Margaret. She was found at a truck stop just outside of Lubbock, Texas and adopted by Eugene and Lucille Weather of Seagoville, a suburb of Dallas.
Eugene Weather was a truck driver; his wife Lucille was known for her peanut brittle, which she would sell at truck stops and rest areas as they traveled across Texas. They named their daughter “Stormy” based on a shared interest in meteorology.
Stormy’s titles include  Little Miss Seagoville (1972); First Runner-Up, Miss Seagoville Teen (1981); Cashier of the Month, Seagoville Sack-n-Save (June 1989); and Miss GNI Lace (2001). She has been hosting the Stormy Weather Variety Show since 2002.

The Stormy Weather Variety Show

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Trixie May

Trixie May’s bio:

GNI created Trixie May when she was born from the Leather Drive In social hour in 2005. In the following years, Trixie May decided to lay low, as well as a couple of bus boys, and devoted her Diva life to charity, sewing little dresses for up and coming drag Tweens. In 2008, she made a dress for herself, entered Miss Lace and won the crown by singing to her own original song, ‘Look This Way, I’m Trixie May’.
In 2009, the Gathering membership was looking Trixie’s way when she produced, directed and co-hosted ‘That Price Ain’t So Right’. With her profits from Trixie May Productions, Trixie May became a joint owner of A8’s International House of Penis (IHOP), Hard Cock Café and the Cum and Go service station. In 2011, Trixie May thought she had finally found success in love with a big Gathering wedding during the Garden Party social hour. But after her GNI celebrity lesbian lover jilted her, Trixie May turned back to a life of giving. She gave so much of herself Across the Lake that she was surprised in return with a gift of thrush. In light of this crisis, Trixie May launched the ‘Keep It Clean Across the Lake’ campaign at the Gathering in 2015.
Trixie realized her talents to entertain needed to be brought back to this side of the lake and produced and co-hosted Miss Lace 2016 with her mother Hazel. Trixie then hosted the show solo in 2017 and 2018. Once again, Trixie returns to camp this year to host the 2019 Miss Lace Pageant. Stop by at cabin A8 for a cocktail on the way to the Dance Club and say ‘Hey’ to Trixie May!

Miss Lace 2019

Josh “Jocelyn La Foreskin” La Force

GNI Miss Lace Winners from 1996