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Membership Questions

What do I receive for my annual membership?

The membership dues help defer the cost of administrative expenses that GNI incurs in order to provide you with our semi-monthly publication – GNI BuffBuzz and our interactive online community through our Member Directory. Membership dues are due annually by the last day of the anniversary month you join GNI, unless you’ve paid for one of the multiple- year options or have become a Lifetime member. (Lifetime memberships are no longer available). Also, by being a member, you are the first to be invited to our annual Gathering, NakedFest event, or other events that GNI may be planning!

What activities do you offer throughout the year?

GNI does not sponsor “official” events in any local/regional area. We leave that up to our affiliated and non-affiliated nudist clubs throughout the world. The only official GNI events are our annual Gathering held in August in Pennsylvania, our NakedFest event held in early summer in northern Maryland, two Bone Island Bare It All Weekend events held in Key West each July and December and other cities are coming on board, and other naturist events we may plan in the future. GNI will make announcements of additional venues that are planned as negotiations are finalized.

How much does it cost for me to join?

An annual membership is $40 and there are multiple year options to consider which gives you an incremental price reduction. See our Membership Rates link for a detailed schedule of current rates. GNI reserves the right to change these rates at any time without advance notice.

What kinds of guys join GNI? Are there any membership restrictions?

All kinds of guys join GNI! There are no real restrictions other than you must be male and over the age of 21. If you meet that criteria and want to have fun with thousands of naked guys, join us!

How do I know that I’ve been accepted for membership?

The Business Office will e-mail you your personal Username and a link to create or reset your Password that will grant you access to the Members Only section of our web site which includes our online social community. There you will be able to maintain your personal profile and interact with other nudists in a private group setting restricted to GNI members only.

Do I have to be nude?

Why, yes! Isn’t that the purpose of joining a nudist group? GNI is a naturist organization; we are not “clothing-optional.” However, during our annual Gathering and/or NakedFest there may be inclement weather in which we allow members to wear clothes. Also, as you may see in some of our online photographs, members are sometimes dressed in costume. These pictures are from our theme parties at our events and should not be considered representative of what everyone wears when clothes are worn.

Are females allowed to join? What about MtF transsexuals?

No, females are not allowed to become members of GNI or to join us at any event we may sponsor. Our membership is limited to males only; thus, FtM transsexuals are welcome.

My partner and I are interested in joining. Does GNI offer couple discounts?

No, GNI does not have discounted rates for couples, but does offer discounts for multi-year memberships. Check our Membership Rates link for more information.

Do I have to be a member of GNI to attend your annual Gathering and/or NakedFest?

Yes. Only GNI members may attend our annual Gathering or NakedFest. The Business Office suggests that you join GNI well in advance to ensure that you receive The Gathering and NakedFest information timely. GNI members in good standing receive first notice for, and an invitation to, our events. Also be sure to set your spam filters accordingly in your e-mail to allow e-mail from, otherwise e-mail from GNI will end up in your spam or junk mail files.

Does GNI take credit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders?

Yes, we do.  We have tried to make the sign-up and payment process as simple as possible for both of our domestic and international members. GNI will accept personal checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks (payable in US funds) as long as they are drawn on a US bank. For added convenience, we also take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (for both membership and event registrations) and PayPal (for membership dues, only). To become a new member or to renew your membership, click here —

Apply Online.


MasterCard  American Express   Discover  PayPal


Are most of GNI’s members singles or couples?

About 60% of our members are single and the other 40% are couples. Many single men have attended our Gathering and NakedFest events only to find their partner during the week. If you are single and are looking for a partner who shares a naturist lifestyle, you may want to join us at our either (or both) of our events, too! We also have many naturist couples who attend our event year after year and continue to meet other men for fun!

What is the average age of a GNI member?

With our membership of approximately 1,100 active members at any one given time, the average age of our members is approximately 51 years old. Thus, about half of our membership is younger (but no younger than 21) and the other half is older. We have guys of all ages so the chances that you will find an age range that most appeals to you is excellent!

I want to join, but I’m afraid to receive mail at my home. Does GNI mail correspondence in plain envelopes?

Members are rarely mailed anything through the USPS unless specifically asked and paid for through our a la carte mailing option. If you are concerned of receiving mail at your home, we suggest that you obtain a post office box or private mail box to ensure your privacy. The only information that you will see on the correspondence we send to you is our return address. Even the letters “GNI” do not exist on our postal mailings. Please be assured that GNI respects everyone’s privacy and discretion and in no way would want to compromise our member’s interest in naturism to anyone.

Does GNI sell or distribute its membership list to anyone?

No. GNI does not distribute, either in whole or in part, the membership list to anyone for any reason. We do have an online social community which lists our members who voluntarily desire to publish this information to other members. Your listing in the Member Directory is purely optional and GNI does not require anyone to be listed at any time. How individuals may use this Member Directory is out of the control of GNI; however, we do encourage our members to keep our Member Directory information confidential. If you are concerned that your personal information is available to the public, you can “hide” your own profile or you can contact the GNI Business Office and ask to be hidden from public view.

I want to join, but I don’t want to be contacted by other members. How can I ensure that does not happen?

On the Membership Application form, there is a field that you can check which states, “Do not list me in the Directory.” By checking this field, no personal information will be available to other members at any time, but you will still receive official correspondence from the Business Office. GNI respects everyone’s privacy and will make every effort to ensure only the information you want (or don’t want) available to the public is done. At times, mistakes do occur as we are only human. If you’ve provided your listing preference and a mistake has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us so we can make an immediate change.

I would like my photo listed in the Member Directory. What do I have to do to include my picture?

You may upload your own photo to your personal profile. Your profile photo should be a facial shot only, preferably bare chested. It should have good contrast (not too light or dark), and be clear. The size of the picture should be about the size of a passport photo. Profile photos that are not facial shots will be removed by GNI.

How do I know when it’s time for me to renew my membership?

The easiest thing to do is to log in to the Member Directory and view your profile.  You will see the expiration date of your  membership at the top of your profile details.  The Business Office tracks the expiration dates of every GNI member and issues a 30-day, 15-day, and 3 -day renewal notice with an online membership form. At this time, you should pay your dues if you want to continue your membership uninterrupted. You are also free to update all of your membership information as needed (which you can do anytime during the year, too!). If a member does not pay his dues at the time of his expiration date, he becomes an inactive member and will not receive any further correspondence from GNI except an occasional e-mail sent to inactive members. Members whose memberships have expired will receive an e-mail from the Business Office notifying them of this.

There are GNI members in my area but no local club. How can I contact local men to see if they would like to start a nudist club in our area?

Chances are if you live in a large city, there is a nudist club near you. But if you do live in an area that does not host a nudist club, contact our Club Liaison for more information on who to contact and how to start your own club.

I want to join and meet other guys in my area. How do I do that?

Check out our Clubs link for a listing of all the clubs worldwide. If you don’t find a club in a given area, feel free to start your own! We’ll be happy to help you get started.

I’d like to talk to a real person because I have more questions. Whom do I call or e-mail?

You may contact the GNI Executive Director at any time for more information about anything regarding GNI or naturism in general. The Business Office is equipped to assist members and non-members with information that may be useful to those who may be traveling, interested in naturism, who may be in need of legal referrals for nude sunbathing, etc. The Business Office is a great place to start. Our Executive Director, Rick, will direct you to those who can help you or answer your questions if he is unable to directly assist you.

Online Member Directory Questions

When does my membership expire?

Upon receipt of a new or renewing membership application and dues, the Business Office sends a “Welcome” e-mail letting you know your membership is active and provides you with your Member Number, expiration date, and login credentials.

We recommend you log in to the Member Directory and print a Membership Card (requires active membership and login credentials) which will have the expiration date listed. Or you can log in to the Member Directory anytime and find your expiration date in your personal profile. You do not have to contact the Business Office to request this information since it is available to you anytime.

I don’t get any announcements from GNI through their Contact Center. Why is that? Isn’t GNI interested in including me on important messages and announcements? Did they cancel my membership without telling me?

GNI very much wants to keep in contact with you throughout the year. We send occasional announcements to our membership regarding their membership renewals, Gathering and/or NakedFest registration announcements, NAC (Naturist Action Committee) alerts, GNI Board elections, and other venues that GNI has planned throughout the year. The reason why you may not be receiving our messages may be for a variety of reasons:

1. Your e-mail provider may have erroneously identified GNI’s e-mail as a spam. This is especially true if you use either AOL or Yahoo for your e-mail. Please check your spam or junk mail inbox and look for GNI’s e-mail. If you find our e-mail, be sure to add and domains to your Safe Sender’s list.

2. Your e-mail address may be incorrect in our database. If you’ve recently changed your e-mail address, be sure to update your online profile so we can keep in contact with you. We do try to update bouncing e-mails with new ones if we can identify them, but we cannot guarantee that we can do this in every instance. It is up to you to keep your profile information current, or at least notify the Business Office of any changes to your contact information.

3. You may have opted out of GNI’s e-mail Contact Center program. We have found that members who click on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link found at the bottom of our e-mails opts out of all future contact that GNI makes with our members. If that is the case, we will not attempt to send you e-mail through a different method.

Opting out of mass e-mails

While we strongly encourage you to NOT opt out of our group mailing list, you are free to do so at your discretion. This is fair warning: if you opt out of our group e-mail list, GNI will not make any additional efforts to keep in contact with you either by e-mail, phone, or mail through the USPS. If you miss important announcements or opportunities that are provided to other members who receive our communications, we will not be held responsible for your decision to opt out of our electronic communications from us through our online Contact Center nor will we extend any deadlines for special offers, discounts, etc. to anyone that has opted out of our group list. Please exercise great caution and understand the consequences before you decide to exercise this option. All e-mails that are sent through our Contact Center are archived in a members’ profile and can be viewed anytime.

For some reason, I’m not getting e-mail from GNI in my inbox, but I’d like to read the e-mail that has been sent. How do I locate and read those archived e-mails in my online profile?

Here are the steps to find and read all of the e-mail that GNI has sent to you through our Contact Center:

1. Log in to the Member Directory.

2. Click on “My Profile” in the Main Navigation Bar next to the “Membership Card” link.

3. Click on “My Profile” tab between the “My Community” and “Connections” tab (We know this seems a little redundant).

4. Click on “Message History” (the last selection in the gray box) and you’ll see all of the message we’ve sent to you in the GNI Contact Center.

5. Click on the Icon next to the message you want to read and your message will open for you to read.

Here’s a screen shot of the navigation menu and sub-menu that you are looking for:

Here’s a (sample) screen shot of what your Message History will look like:

I just applied for membership online and am not able to access the Member directory. Why didn’t I receive a Username and Password?

Although GNI offers online membership application for new and renewing members, the information that is electronically submitted by you is NOT processed in real time. The information is held in an encrypted file until the Business Office has a chance to charge your credit card, create, and activate your online profile. When that process has been completed, you will be notified via e-mail of your Username and a link to either Create or reset your Password. There will be a delay between the time you submit your application and the time that you will gain access to your profile. This period is usually no more than a few days. Oftentimes, memberships are processed the same day. Thank you for your patience.

I can’t access the Member Directory with the Username and Password that I’ve chosen. Why not?

For new members, the Business Office assigns you a Username and sends you a link to Create or reset your Password, and then notifies you of your login credentials. Once you have been your Username and Password, you have access to your online profile using the Username and Profile we have provided. Once logged in, you can then choose a Username and Password of your own.

My profile is hidden in the Member Directory. Neither I, nor any other member, can find my profile when they search the directory. How do I un-hide my profile so my name appears in member searches?

Members can hide or un-hide their profile in the Member Directory anytime they wish.  It’s easy to do and can be done anytime.  Here are the steps:

1.  Login to your profile using your login credentials in the Member Directory.

2.  Click on “My Profile” in the main navigation bar.

3.  Click on “Edit Profile” under the “My Status” box.

4.  Uncheck the box entitled, “Hide Profile from Search Results” found at the top of your profile information.

5.  Click the “Save” button.

Your profile is now unhidden and can be viewed by you and other members in search requests.

I want to change my Username and/or Password. How do I change that?

Using the Username and Password on file, log in to the Member Directory, click on “My Profile,” click on “Edit Profile,”  then edit the field for your Username and Password. Be sure to click on SAVE at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. The next time you log in, you will use your new Username and Password.

I made a mistake with some of the information in my membership application. I am not able to change the information on the form I submitted but want to correct it. Will my information be incorrect?

If you discover that you’ve submitted incorrect information on your application (which can happen since we’re all human), simply e-mail the GNI Business Office to let us know what information should be corrected. We’ll make every effort to correct your information as soon as possible. You will also be able to log in to your online profile and make any corrections yourself, so there is no reason to panic if information needs to be corrected. If you find that some of the fields are uneditable, just e-mail the Business Office with your corrections and we’ll make the changes for you.

I forgot my Username and/or Password. How do I request my Username and Password from the GNI Business Office?

The Business Office prefers that you use the automated online assistance tool. Any member who has a valid e-mail address on file can visit our website, click on the “Forgot Password?” link, enter your e-mail address and submit your request. Within a few minutes, you will receive an automated e-mail informing you of your Username and Password. You are also welcome to e-mail the GNI Business Office, but if you do so, you may not receive an immediate response. In lieu of waiting for the office to respond to your request, we recommend that you use the online assistance tool.

Oops … I unsubscribed from the Contact Center by mistake (or someone unsubscribed me from an e-mail that I forwarded to them), and I’d like to resubscribe to receive e-mails from GNI. How do I do that?

Sometimes mistakes happen.  You don’t want an e-mail from us so instead of deleting the e-mail from your inbox, you click on “Unsubscribe” found at the bottom of every e-mail that we send through GNI’s Contact Center.  (It’s Federal Law that an unsubscribe link be included in all mass e-mails).  Or, you forwarded one of our e-mails to a friend of yours who clicked on the unsubscribe link, thinking that he was subscribed to GNI’s e-mail, but inadvertently unsubscribed *you* instead.  Now you want to opt back in to the Contact Center and receive e-mail from GNI.  Here are the steps to resubscribe yourself. 

  1. Log in to your profile with your Username and Password.

  2. Click on “My Profile” in the top navigation bar.

  3. Place your cursor on the “My Profile” tab immediately to the right of “My Community“. 

  4. From the drop down box, click on “Contact Preferences“.  

  5. In the top section of the page entitled “Contact Preference” there are two radio buttons:  1). I do not want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients, and 2). I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients.  You will see that the radio button for the first option is checked.  Click the radio button for the second option – “I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients.”

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “SAVE.”

You have now resubscribed yourself to GNI’s Contact Center.

I don’t have a computer or an e-mail address, but I want to be a member of GNI. Can I sign up for a membership?

Yes, you can, but it makes communicating with you very difficult.  In order for GNI to offer our members the electronic membership rates, we must use the technology provided in order for us to most effectively communicate with you. If you do not have a computer or an e-mail address that we can use to contact you, GNI does not have any way to use our electronic communication tools to keep you informed. Thus, you will not receive any contact from GNI.  

All correspondence issued through our contact center is archived in your profile, so you will be able to electronically access every e-mail we’ve sent you if you have access to a computer.

I have an e-mail address but it’s used for business. I do not want email from GNI coming to an account that I use for work. What should I do?

There are a number of free e-mail services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live!) that we would suggest you investigate. In order to have a membership, you must use a valid e-mail address that will accept mail from the and domains.

My partner and I signed up for a couples membership, but we both share the same e-mail address. Do we both have separate profiles in the Member Directory?

Absolutely, yes! Each member of GNI has his own individual profile in the Member Directory. Each profile is unique to the member’s name, not to the e-mail address that is used. When a couple’s profile is created, both members will be notified of their Username and Password log-in information. The information will be sent to the same e-mail address, though. If either of your forget your Password though, you will not be able to reset a password if the two of you are sharing an e-mail address. This is a change made by the programmers for security reasons. You can contact the GNI Business Office if you need assistance with resetting a password.

I have an e-mail address, but my partner does not. How will he be notified of announcements from GNI?

If  your partner does not have an e-mail address, GNI will need to rely on you to communicate important announcements to him.  We will set his profile up with your e-mail address.  You will receive two e-mails from GNI; one for you and one for him.

Both of us have decided to cancel our e-mail account, but we want to remain members of GNI. How will GNI keep in contact with us?

If you cancel your e-mail account, GNI will not contact you through electronic means any longer. If you give up your e-mail, or remove GNI from allowing access to communicate with you, we will keep sending you electronic messages that will be archived in your individual profiles under “View Message History.”  Otherwise, we will not attempt to contact you through any other means.

How do I retrieve my membership card from the Member Directory?

Once you log in to your profile, in the UPPER LEFT corner of the navigation bar, you’ll see a MEMBERSHIP CARD link. Click on the link; the screen will refresh and a set of instructions will display along with your membership card. Follow the instructions to print your card and you’ll have your membership card in no time.  Membership cards can be printed anytime in case you lose it.  We also encourage you to laminate the card to keep it from getting damaged.  

Help! I lost my membership card. How do I request that another one be sent to me?

No worries. If you’ve lost your membership card or are in need of a replacement, simply log back in to the Member Directory and reprint your card from your personal profile. Your membership card will stay in your profile at all times.

I moved and changed my contact information. Will I receive a new membership card?

No – it’s not necessary to reissue a new membership card to you if all you have done is move. The card specifies that you are a member through the expiration date noted on the card. Whenever a change is made to your profile information that affects the information on your membership card, you can log in to the Member Directory and reprint a membership card with the most current information at any time.

I just became a new member (or renewed my membership) and logged in to the Member Directory. Is my membership card available immediately?

Yes! Membership cards are updated in real-time and are available immediately after a profile has been created by the Business Office. Furthermore, if information is changed in your profile that would be printed on your membership card, the changes are made in real-time, too.

I just logged in to the Member Directory and tried to print my membership card. Information on the card is missing. What do I do?

We suggest that you check the security settings on your computer. There are some settings that will keep information from our database from displaying on your membership card. If that happens, adjust your security settings to a lower setting and try accessing your card again. This usually clears up any issues you will have with your membership card.

Why is the street address hidden from all of the profiles when I do a search? I’d like to see the whole address.

The Board of Directors of GNI are concerned about members’ privacy. With the ability to post a membership directory online, we want to be sure that your personal information is not harvested by others for personal or commercial use. In order to keep your contact information secure, the address lines and zip codes of our members are not viewable by other members. The Board and Staff do have access to this information and will use it only for GNI business. Please contact the member directly if you would like his complete mailing information. The Business Office is not able to give that out without express permission from the member.

I don’t want to be listed in the Member Directory. How do I know that my profile won’t appear?

At the time you apply for, or renew, your membership, you are given the option to have your profile listed in the Member Directory or hidden from everyone’s view. By selecting “Do not list me” on the membership forms, your profile will be hidden from everyone except from those who conduct official GNI business.  By checking “Hide Entire Profile,” under the “Edit Profile” link, no other member will be able to view your personal profile.

I don’t want some information displayed in the Member Directory. Can I just delete that information from my profile so it’s not there to ensure others can’t see it?

No, please do not delete any of the information in your profile. Most of the fields in your profile are hidden from public view anyway, so if you delete any records, you are removing it from use by the Business Office. Removing basic contact information may jeopardize your membership; we suggest that you simply place a check in the “Private” box next to the information you want hidden.

I want to be listed in the Member Directory but there is some information that I don’t want displayed. Can I choose what information is made available for others to view?

Absolutely. Our Member Directory allows every field in your profile to be hidden from public view or available to be seen. For instance, if you want to hide your telephone number from others, instead of deleting the telephone number from your profile, simply click on the “Private” box next to your telephone number and that will ensure your telephone number is hidden. The Business Office uses the Member Directory to keep in contact with its members so it’s important that records be complete and accurate, but we respect everyone’s right to keep their information private.

I would like to add my photo to my profile. How do I upload my photo?

You can add a photo to your personal profile:  

  • Log in to the Member Directory, click on “My Profile” and select the “Change Profile Picture” link.  
  • Upload your photo and click “Save.”
Are there size limitations to the photo that I can upload?

Yes. Maximum file size is 5 MB for profile photos but we recommend using a smaller file-sized photo to speed up loading times. Large images will be re-sized to 640 pixels on the longest side. Accepts JPG, GIF, and PNG file types.

I have more than one photo that I’d like to have in my profile. Can I have multiple photos?

Sorry – the software that runs our Member Directory allows for only one profile photo. You can change your photo at anytime by uploading a photo yourself.  Alternately, our interactive  social community allows members to create photo galleries in your own profile; you can upload any number of photos (up to 500 photos) to each of your photo galleries (although we’ve found that photo galleries of 70 photos or less are better for multiple browsers).

How do I search for other member profiles?

Log in to the Member Directory with your Username and Password. Once you are logged in, click on the “Directory” link at the top of the page, then click on “Advanced Search”. There are a number of options provided for you to select what parameters you want to search for. You can search for all public profiles using the Advanced Search. We encourage our members to “test-drive” the Advanced Search feature to familiarize yourself with this powerful tool.

I registered for The Gathering and/or NakedFest. Can I see who else has registered and will be coming?

Yes – but only members who allow their profiles to be publicly viewed will be displayed in any search result. You will have to do an “Advanced Search” in order to find other members who are also registered for The Gathering and/or NakedFest. If you are looking for particular members and they do not show up in your search results, it is one of three reasons:

1). they may not be a current member or have let their membership lapse

2). they may not yet have registered for The Gathering and/or NakedFest

3). they have opted to have their profile remain “Hidden” from any search in the Member Directory

I am traveling and would like to know if there are local nude clubs in the area. Can I find listings for those clubs online?

Yes – the listing of Clubs is available for all members and the general public to view. You do not have to be a member of GNI to access the club listing. If you are looking for a particular club, you may use the “Advanced Search” feature to narrow your search parameters.

I recently moved and want to notify the GNI Business Office of the change of information. Can I send the office an e-mail with the changes or is there another way to update my contact information?

Sure, you can notify the GNI Business Office of any change in your profile information and we’ll make the changes for you or you can log in to your personal profile and edit most of the fields yourself. Due to the number of members who would delete their contact information, any change to your address needs to be submitted to the Business Office and we will update that for you.  Members are no longer able to edit or remove their mailing address from the Member Directory.

I received an announcement from the Board or Staff. The message went to an old e-mail account I don’t use. How do I update my e-mail address so announcements can be sent to my correct and current e-mail address?

If you are a current member and have your Username and Password, log in to the Member Directory and change your e-mail address to one that you would like to use through the “Edit Profile” link. If you do not have your Username and Password, the online assistance tool will not be able to assist you since your information will be sent to the e-mail address that you are not using any more. Send an e-mail to the GNI Business Office and we’ll either make the changes for you or provide you with your access information so you can change the information yourself. If your membership has lapsed and would like to update your e-mail address, send an e-mail to the GNI Business Office and we will update your profile for you.

I changed some of my information and see that some of my entries have been edited. Why was that information changed?

The Business Office exports member contact information from the Member Directory and creates mailing labels, mail merges, etc. The Post Office requests that we use standardized mailing addresses with USPS approved abbreviations; thus, we may make some edits to your mailing information to ensure it complies with USPS standards. We will standardize telephone number formats for domestic (US) numbers and we will also correct any misspelled words, punctuation, run-on sentences, etc., in your Classified so it’s easier for our members to read.

How do I cancel my membership and have my name removed from the Member Directory?

Contact the GNI Business Office and let us know of your wishes. Upon receipt of an e-mail, letter, postcard, etc., we’ll deactivate your profile and remove you from our active membership roster.

How do I know when my membership is going to expire? Is there a way that I can see when my membership will terminate?

Any member can check on his membership Expiration Date by viewing his profile in the Member Directory. Once you log in, click in “My Profile” and scroll down to the field that displays when your membership will expire found at the top of your profile details.  We will also send 30-day, 15-day, and 3-day notices in advance of your expiration date with a membership renewal link that you can use to renew.

Nude Club Questions

I will be traveling and would like to contact a club in the area where I am going. How do I contact that club to find out what events it is sponsoring?

The fastest and easiest way to contact a club is to call, e-mail, or visit the club’s website. You can write to them, but snail mail is often slow, and a response from the club may arrive too late for you and your travel plans. GNI does not keep track of the activities of each individual club (except as may be submitted by affiliates for our calendar). With over 200 clubs worldwide, there are thousands of events going on throughout the year. Search GNI’s club directory.

Is the club information on this website accurate? How do I know that the contact information is still good?

GNI makes every effort to keep all of the club listings current. GNI relies on the clubs to notify us of any corrections or changes as they may occur. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect information if we are not properly notified by the clubs.

How much money should I plan to take to a nudist event of a local club?

This depends on the club. Some clubs charge a nominal event fee for an activity in an individual’s home, while others may charge more for an activity held at a restaurant, bowling alley, etc. Typically, event fees range from $3 – $10. Higher fees may be charged for more elaborate events. Check with the club first so that you will arrive with sufficient funds.

What rules do clubs have that I need to know about?

There is a certain etiquette that nudist clubs have that a new member or guest may want to know about. First, it is common courtesy to RSVP to the host of the event before the event begins. One does not want to arrive intoxicated, and be sure to bring a towel and use it when you sit on furniture. Check with the host on smoking rules — if there are no publicized smoking rules, it is best to assume it is a non-smoking event and to smoke only outside. Check with the host regarding sexual activity. GNI-affiliated clubs promote non-sexual events, but not every club is affiliated with GNI. Since clubs are individually governed, rules about sexual activity may vary from club to club. Finally, be friendly and use common sense.

This is my first time at a nudist event. I’m afraid that I may have an erection being nude with other men. If this happens, what will people think of me?

This is the most asked question we receive. Attending a nude event for the first time may cause anxiety for some men. However, there should be no fear, shame, or embarrassment if a man has an erection. An erection is a physiological response to stimuli, and the feeling of being nude and liberated is often enough to bring about an erection. Don’t worry about it if it happens to you. No one will laugh at you, look at you funny, or think you’re a pervert. In fact, we’ve all had them, and within minutes after you become comfortable with your own body and being around other nude men, the erection will go away and you will be able to enjoy social nude companionship without embarrassment.

Are women allowed at these nudist functions?

Most gay nudist clubs do not have female members. Each club is self-governing and can set its own policy on membership. Experience indicates, however, that nudist clubs for gay and bisexual men work best when there is a “men-only” membership policy. GNI limits its membership to adult males. Check with your local club for any membership restrictions.

Is there any sexual activity allowed at these events?

This is the second most commonly asked question. Most clubs meet for non-sexual, recreational activities. Other clubs may, however, allow sexual activity from time to time. GNI-affiliated clubs meet for non-sexual events. In order for a club to be affiliated with GNI, it must adhere to the “Statement on Sexuality” found on the GNI website:

“GNI acknowledges that sex is natural, but sex is not equated with naturism. GNI respects all of its members for their individuality, whether or not they choose to express their sexuality, and shall endeavor to respect individual sensibilities as may be appropriate, and encourages its members to do the same.”

Clubs are free to set their own policy on sexual behavior. It is important that you check with the individual club first before you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or are disappointed because you were expecting something other than a potluck or pool party.

I don’t think that I’m attractive, young, or hung. Will I be accepted or will guys make fun of me?

The majority of men have a fear of being accepted in a nude setting due to self-esteem or confidence issues. Some may think that they may be too heavy, too thin, too hairy, too old, or simply not “large” enough. However, this is not what naturism is about. Naturism is the acceptance of the nude body in all of its shapes, appearances, forms, and sizes. As gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men, we come together for social interaction and camaraderie while enjoying the intense freedom from shedding clothes. Ironically, as the clothes come off and men relate to each other, self-esteem strengthens, confidence levels increase, and self-acceptance grows.

May I visit a nude group first before I become a member?

Most clubs allow for first-time visitors or guests to attend an event before one is encouraged to join. Some groups request that a prospective member be “sponsored” by an existing member; other groups have an “open-door” policy for guests. Check with your local club for its policy on inviting guests and new members.

How much does it cost to join for singles and couples?

Each group charges its own membership rates for singles and couples. Obviously, there are administrative costs that may need to be covered by some type of membership dues, including the production and mailing of newsletters, post office box, etc. Ask your local club for its rates on membership dues.

Will my name ever be made available to the public?

Clubs try to keep member information confidential. GNI is not aware of any club that sells its list to the public, but that does not prohibit a club from attempting to do so in the future. GNI does not sell or distribute, either in whole or in part, its own membership list for any reason to anyone. We encourage individual clubs to follow our example.

What types of activities do nude groups have?

Nudist clubs have a variety of activities ranging from potlucks, pool parties, holiday parties, costume parties, dinners (at restaurants), shopping sprees, Country/Western dances, disco dances, camping trips, karaoke nights, game nights, movie nights, etc. Other clubs host hiking trips, hot tub parties, beach days, volleyball tournaments, oil wrestling, massage workshops, photography workshops, etc. Some clubs even host nude roller-skating, bowling, nude sailing trips, and booths at Pride festivals. If something can be done with clothes on, chances are that it can also be done nude. Whatever you may be interested in, you will probably find an activity to your liking. If one is not offered, volunteer and host it yourself!

I’ve heard about regional nudist camps. How do I find more information about them?

The largest and most popular gay naturist event is sponsored by GNI. Each year, up to 800 men join together for 10 days of nude recreation, activities, entertainment, and fun. Certainly, the GNI Gathering is not the only male nudist event around. In 2014, GNI created a second event called NakedFest. There are other groups that host their own regional gatherings which may be of interest to you. If you’re interested in GNI’s own Gathering or NakedFest, see our webpages for more information.

Are all nudist groups affiliated with GNI? If not, why?

No. Not all nudist groups are affiliated with GNI. There may be various reasons why this is the case. Some groups may choose not to adhere to GNI’s policy on sexual activity during event hours while others may not know that they can become affiliated, if they so desire. GNI has a wealth of resources available to nudist groups that are either starting out or want to grow their membership or reorganize their group. If your group would like to become affiliated with GNI, please click on Club Affiliation for information.

What are the benefits of having my local club become affiliated with GNI?

The benefit of becoming affiliated with GNI is that the club can use the resources that GNI has at its disposal for reaching a large number of male naturists quickly. GNI produces a semi-monthly publication entitled, GNI BuffBuzz that keeps all of our members and the clubs informed of what is happening all over in terms of legislative actions, judicial proceedings, threats to naturist areas, places of interest to visit, etc. Furthermore, some clubs’ activities are highlighted and others have a chance to publicize their events to many that they would not otherwise reach in locally. GNI is continuing to pursue additional offerings to encourage more clubs to become affiliated with GNI. For example, affiliated clubs are entitled to free hosting of their web site on GNI’s server. For more information on benefits of affiliation, please contact GNI’s Club Liaison.

I’m naked at home all the time, but I’ve never been nude in public. Can you be nude in public places with the group without the fear of being arrested?

While many of the nude events are hosted in members’ private homes, there are some events that must be hosted at a public facility, e.g., roller skating rinks, restaurants, and the like. Before a club announces an event at a public facility, it should check first with the owner of the establishment to find out if there are any local ordinances or insurance liability issues, etc. that may restrict a nude function from being hosted there. GNI has found that when a public establishment is approached to host a nude event, it is important to explain that we are a naturist group, not a sex club. Since the facility should be secured for sole use by the naturist group, some restrictions that would apply if the establishment were open to the general public may be relaxed for a private party. While all of the necessary precautions are taken to ensure a fun and successful naturist evening, there is always a small risk that a homophobic or anti-naturist person may try to cause problems for the club that is hosting an event in a public facility. Those are concerns that a club must take into consideration. GNI certainly hopes that your club does not experience harassment of any kind, and we wish you the best in all of your club endeavors.

I still have questions about nude clubs. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about nude clubs, please contact GNI’s Club Liaison.

GNI BuffBuzz

What is GNI BuffBuzz?

GNI BuffBuzz is the semi-monthly blog publication of Gay Naturists International, Inc. (GNI). It is published around the first and the fifteenth of each month and is available to members or visitors of our website. BuffBuzz replaces the monthly publication of The Gay Naturist E-former; back issues can be found at GNI E-former back issues.

What is the circulation?

GNI BuffBuzz is available online in any web browser to GNI’s approximately 1,100 members worldwide through GNI’s online social community and Member Directory as well as anyone who visits our site, to the 7,100+ followers of our page on Facebook, and to our followers on Twitter.  Back articles of GNI BuffBuzz are also available as well at

Why should I advertise in GNI BuffBuzz?

Sorry, at this time, GNI does not offer advertising in our BuffBuzz publication. 

Whom do I contact with article submissions, pictures, and / or questions?

If you have any articles and pictures that you would like to submit, or have additional questions, please e-mail the Editor.

The Gathering (Registration)

I would like to come for a day or two. Do you allow day-passes?

Men who are attending The Gathering must pre-register, regardless of the attendance option. We’ve relaxed our rules on “day passes” but want you to know that a “day pass” consists of one 24-hour period and is charged as a flat rate fee. The daily rate is published in the Gathering section of the GNI website. Even if you want to come for a few hours, a full day rate is assessed; there is no proration of rates.

I may have to arrive late or leave early. Is there a discount for days that are not used for the period of time I am registered for?

You are free to arrive or leave any time during the period for which you are registered. Discounts or refunds cannot be prorated nor issued for any unused portion of time that has been paid. Unused time is also not transferable to any person.

Is there a discount for couples or will there be discounts offered later in the summer?

No. There are no discounts for couples and there will be no additional discounts offered during our registration season. The prices posted will remain in effect, up to and including, the start of The GNI Gathering.

My friend and I would like to attend The Gathering. Can one of us register for the full week, stay only half of the week and have my friend use the other half in my place?

No. Unused portions of time are not transferable to any person. A full week attendance option may not be shared by two individuals. Each must register separately for the period of time he intends to stay. There is no financial benefit to paying for a full week and splitting it between two individuals. Our pricing structure is based on a flat day-rate amount on any given day.

How do I know the Business Office received my registration form?

You will receive an e-mail from the Business Office letting you know that your Confirmation Documents have been uploaded to your Directory profile within a few days after receipt of your registration form. We encourage you to mail your registration materials to the Business Office by Certified Mail in order to ensure that your forms have been received. If you register online, you receive immediate confirmation upon submitting your form that your registration has been received by the Business Office – this initial confirmation does not confirm your Gathering attendance, but only that your registration has been received. We encourage you to print your online registration confirmation from your computer for your own records.

Will the Business Office notify me that they’ve received my registration form?

Unless there is a problem with your registration form or form of payment, you will not be notified that your registration form has been received in the Business Office if you mail it to GNI. Your official notice of receipt will be the issuing of your Confirmation Documents unless you send your registration form via Certified Mail.

When can I expect my Gathering Confirmation Documents?

You can expect to access your Confirmation Documents in your personal online profile in GNI’s Member Directory within a few days after the Business Office receives your registration form; most are issued within 24 hours.

Will the Gathering Confirmation Documents tell me what cabin I will be housed in, even if I specifically requested to be in a particular cabin?

No, your housing location will not be provided to you until you arrive at camp and receive your registration packet materials. Remember, there are no guarantees for specific housing requests especially if you’ve made a request after the published cabin-housing deadline (usually July 15); thus, your Confirmation documents will not confirm your housing.

Will the Gathering Confirmation Documents confirm who my cabin mates will be?

No, your Confirmation Documents confirms your entrance into camp, only. It will not confirm with whom you will be housed, even if you’ve requested to be housed with a particular person(s) or group.

Can we rearrange the beds to accommodate couples’ sleeping arrangements?

Yes, as long as there are no objections from your cabin mates and the cabin allows for beds to be moved.  Some cabins have movable shelves that allow beds to be placed together, while other cabins have shelves that are permanently installed and cannot be moved.

Is online registration secure?

Yes. All of GNI’s transactions are processed through a secure server. See GNI’s Security Statement for more information.

I’ve been a member of GNI a long time and have to cancel my registration. Can the cancellation fee of $119 be waived?

Sorry, no. If you took the Cancellation Guarantee ($53) at the time you registered, you will not be assessed this $119 cancellation fee.

I registered after July 15. Do I have to pay a late fee?

All registrations received after July 15 until the start of The Gathering will be charged the posted rates on our Gathering Prices page.

Do I have to be a member of GNI to attend The Gathering?

Yes, only GNI members may attend our annual Gathering. You can become a member at the time you register for The Gathering by including your membership fee with your payment. You may also renew your membership at this time, if you desire. You do not have to wait until your membership renewal date in order to renew your membership. Memberships can be renewed any time.

Where can I get more registration forms for my friends?

If you register online, you will not have a need for a printed registration form. However, you will be able to find downloadable forms from this website. We encourage you to photocopy the registration form or forward the Registration Packet to your friends who may want to attend our Gathering as well.

Why does the registration form request a donation for a special event?

GNI plans special events and/or activities during the week. If you would like to help defray the cost to GNI of special events, please indicate on this line and include the amount in your payment. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory.

What is the International Assistance Fund for?

This fund was created to assist our international members who are attending The Gathering in need of defraying their additional cost for travel & currency exchanges. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory.

How do I sign up with a group or club to be housed in the same cabin?

Each group / club cabin has a Cabin Coordinator assigned to it. Your cabin coordinator will be responsible for arranging the housing in your cabin and he will communicate the group list to the Business Office. If you have questions regarding your group housing, please contact your Cabin Coordinator instead of the Business Office. If you want to be in a group cabin and are on your cabin coordinator’s list but do not register for The Gathering before July 15, you may not be placed in the group cabin of your choice. All group cabins are required to have their cabin mates registered for The Gathering by July 15. Registrants who do not register by July 15 may not be housed in their group cabin!

May I sign up for cabin housing and bring a tent if the weather is nice?

Of course! You may tent if the weather is nice or if you just want to find a private spot away from your cabin.

I plan to bring an RV to camp. May I register myself and bring friends with me in the RV?

You are welcome to bring friends to stay in your RV. However, each person who attends The Gathering must register separately. Unregistered friends who plan to stay in an RV will not be allowed entrance into camp or will be asked to register and pay for attendance on the spot (an additional administrative fee of $100 will be collected for those that do not pre-register).

I want to volunteer to host a workshop or seminar at The Gathering. How do I do that and how is this planned?

Access and complete the online Registration Form. The Business Office will contact you to plan the time, day and place for your activity.

Oops… I’ve already registered for The Gathering but forgot to complete the Volunteer Form or I have now decided to volunteer help, or sell items at the Crafts Fair, or host a workshop. May I still do that?

Yes, you may. Send an e-mail to the Business Office and we will contact you to plan the time, day and place for your activity.

I still have questions about registration for The Gathering. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about registration for The Gathering, please contact the GNI Business Office.

I need help trying to locate and download my Confirmation documents for either The Gathering and/or NakedFest. How do I do that from my personal profile?

There are two (2) ways to retrieve and print your Confirmation Documents. The first way is by far the easiest. Although the instructions below are for The Gathering documents, the exact same instructions are used for NakedFest documents.

The first and easiest way to retrieve your documents:

Once you log in to the Member Directory, look for the section on the landing page under the large photo on the “Welcome & Information Page” entitled, “You’ve Got Confirmation Documents.” Your documents for the Gathering will appear in this section. Click on the 3-letter PDF file (for example: ARK.pdf) next to the “Required Gathering Docs” on the left and print. The Optional Gathering Docs on the right are for informational purposes, only. Watch a short video to see how easy this is.

The second way to retrieve your documents:

  1. The second way to retrieve and print your documents requires you to log in to the Member Directory using your username and password. Once you’re logged in and are on the landing page entitled, “Welcome & Information Page,” click on “My Profile” in the main navigation bar.

  1. Your profile will open in a new window.  Please review this information and feel free to make any changes you need to at this time.  You may also choose another Username and Password.  Be sure to SAVE your profile.

  1. At the top of your profile under the “Expiration Date” field, you will see two (2) fields that look like this: 

Required Gathering Docs: XXX.pdf   (The “XXX” will be replaced with your three-letter Confirmation Code.  The first letter of that code indicates which line to enter at the Gathering check-in for efficient service.)  Included in this section are DRIVING DIRECTIONS. 

Optional Gathering Info: 2017GatheringInfo.pdf

4.  Click on the link ending in “.pdf” to the right of the label, Required Gathering Docs: and your document will open in Adobe Reader.  These documents are REQUIRED to bring with you to the Gathering.  You must have the pages marked “BRING THIS PAGE” with you when you arrive.  They are needed to check in at camp.  If you forget to bring these documents, you will be assessed a  $15 fee for printing them on the spot, which GNI will donate to the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). The link pdf, to the right of the label, Optional

  1. The link 2017GatheringInfo.pdf, to the right of the label, Optional

If you’re still confused, watch a short video to see how easy this is!

Can I change cabins if I prefer to be somewhere else?

You can ask to be placed elsewhere but the availability of openings in a particular cabin or area of camp is affected by a lot of variables. You may see the Executive Director to assist you while at camp.

The Gathering (Housing)

When will I know what cabin I’m assigned to and who my cabin mates are?

You will receive your official housing assignment when you arrive at camp and receive your registration materials. It has been suggested that the Business Office should let attendees know in advance who is housed in their cabin. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, the GNI housing assignments are very complex and changes are made literally up to and including the day members check in. We don’t want to let people know where they may be housed only to inform them at later time that they’ve been moved for any number of reasons. There are no guarantees for specific housing requests and informing members where they are placed in advance acts as a guarantee.

I’ve requested a friend to be with me in a cabin and he was placed elsewhere. Why did this happen?

These things happen for a variety of reasons. First, your friend may have registered after you or after the cut-off date for specific housing requests. Housing is assigned on a first-come basis so if he is not in the same cabin as you have requested, it may be due to the late submission of his registration. Or he may not have requested to be housed with you, but with someone else. GNI makes an effort to ensure housing requests are fulfilled, but due to the complexity of The Gathering’s housing accommodations, we cannot guarantee specific housing requests to anyone, especially if those requests are made after the cabin housing deadline of July 15.

I don’t want to be close to the dance club and indicated my preference on my registration form. Why am I housed near the dance club?

Housing near the dance club may be due to the date the GNI Business Office received your registration form. Or it may be that you’ve requested to be housed with one or more friends. Since the majority of cabins are “club” cabins, in order to accommodate your special request, a cabin with sufficient space must be found. Oftentimes, it is the cabins nearest the dance club where new or small groups can be placed.

Whom do I see if there is a problem with a cabin mate?

You may speak to any member of the GNI Staff or Board of Directors if you have a particular problem with a cabin mate. You will be able to recognize them by the BLUE name badge they will be wearing.

If I signed up to tent and it’s raining all week, where can I be housed?

We will make accommodations available to guys who are tenting if inclement weather prevails throughout the week and we will announce what facility is available for them at The Gathering.

I still have questions about housing. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about housing, please contact the GNI Business Office.

The Gathering (Bus)

I’ve been a member of GNI a long time and have to cancel my registration. Can the cancellation fee of $119 be waived?

Sorry, no. If you took the Cancellation Guarantee ($53) at the time you registered, you will not be assessed this $119 cancellation fee.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about the bus transportation?

Contact Rick, GNI Executive Director, by emailing the GNI Business Office.

Where do I meet the bus at Newark International Airport?

The airport is divided into two levels: the Upper Terminal level and the Lower Baggage Claim / Transportation level. Make your way to the Lowest Level of Terminal B, meet at Door #3. A map of Newark Airport will be included in your Bus Confirmation.

Can I cancel my bus reservation?

Yes, but only if your refund request is made in writing before August 1 (at that time, buses are fully paid for and we have paid for your seat).

If I have to cancel my bus reservation, how do I do that?

Please submit your cancellation request in writing to the GNI Business Office via e-mail, by mail, or by fax at (954) 567-2070. Cancellation requests made by telephone cannot be processed. There is a $5 cancellation fee (per trip) for all cancelled bus reservations prior to August 1. No refunds are issued after August 1.

If I request to cancel my bus reservation, how long do I have to wait before I receive my refund?

If you’ve paid for bus transportation by credit card, you will receive your refund within 10-business days. If you’ve paid for bus transportation by check or money order, your refund will not be processed until 30 days after the date of your request.

Whom do I contact if my plane is late and the bus has already left for camp?

Please call your Bus Coordinator first or the GNI telephone number which will be forwarded to the Office Administrator. We will make every attempt to ensure the bus will not depart until everyone is present and accounted for, but we cannot guarantee that we will hold a bus if a flight is cancelled or delayed for a few hours. If you miss the bus, we can not accommodate individuals who can not make his scheduled bus and it will be up to you to get yourself to camp or to take a public transportation bus to Stroudsburg. If you arrive in Stroudsburg, you will be able to contact a local taxi service to pick you up from the bus station and to bring you to camp. Please do not call us and ask us to “send someone to pick you up;” we are unable to accommodate those requests. For more information about the bus service into Stroudsburg, please visit Martz Trailways. In order to take public transportation into Stroudsburg, you will need to get from Newark Airport to Port Authority in lower Manhattan.  For rates and information about taxi service, visit Pocono Cab Company. Please do not call and ask us to “send someone to pick you up;” we are unable to accommodate those requests.

How long is the bus ride from Newark International Airport to camp? From Manhattan to camp?

The bus ride from Newark Airport is approximately 2 hours, depending upon traffic, road construction, and weather conditions. You may add an additional 30 – 45 minutes for the bus ride to / from Manhattan in New York City. Please allow additional time to be processed through the security checkpoints at the airports.

How much does the bus ride cost?

A one-way trip on the bus costs $50 per person. Round trip is $100 per person.

How do I make a reservation and pay for the bus ride?

If you register online at our web site, you will also be able to reserve a seat on the buses at the time you submit your registration. However, The Gathering Registration forms will include a form entitled “Bus Transportation”. Please fill this out completely and return it to the Business Office with your GNI Gathering Registration form and payment. Your bus fees will be included as an additional line item that you will pay for when you register for The Gathering.

Oops … I’ve already registered for The Gathering but forgot to register for Bus Transportation. May I still register for a bus ride?

Yes, you may.  GNI will make every effort to reserve a seat for you, but cannot guarantee that a seat will be available at a certain time if the registration is received late in the season. Payment for late bus registrations after July 15 will be taken by credit card or money orders, only.

Can I get naked on the bus?

Unfortunately, no. Clothing must be worn on the bus to and from camp.

What time will the bus arrive and be ready for boarding?

Typically the bus will arrive approximately 10 – 15 minutes early. If you arrive before the bus does, please be patient and do not panic. The bus will arrive and a Bus Coordinator will be there to assist you with your questions and concerns.

How long will the bus wait if I’m delayed?

The bus will wait as necessary, but typically not more than 5 – 10 minutes if you’re confirmed for a particular bus. This is why it is necessary to make sure that you either cancel or confirm your bus reservation; otherwise, the bus may be waiting for someone who’s listed to ride, but isn’t going to show. If there are numerous flight delays caused by weather conditions, strikes, or matters beyond GNI’s control, a bus may wait for a longer period of time to ensure that delayed passengers have a ride to camp.  Mobile phone numbers of the bus greeters will be provided so be sure to touch base with them if you are going to experience any delays.

How do I find my way to meet the bus at the Newark International Airport?

If your flight does not arrive in Terminal B, you’ll need to take the Airport Passenger Train to Terminal B. Follow the signs in each terminal to locate the passenger train. Once you are in Terminal B, make your way to the Baggage Claim Lowest Level where parking is located (follow the airport signs to this area) and meet at Door #3. The bus will be parked outside of this terminal.

I’m arriving in one of the New York airports. How do I get to the Manhattan location?

GNI recommends that you take a cab. The bus will meet everyone in New York City – downtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station – Hyatt Hotel, west side pickup on Lexington between 42nd & 43rd Streets. This location is within walking distance of Grand Central Station station. Click here for a map to this pick up location => Map of 43rd St & Lexington New York, NY.

May I change my bus reservation?

Yes. You may change your reservation as many times as you’d like up until two weeks before The Gathering is scheduled to begin, depending upon availability of seats for the time you are requesting. Be sure to contact the GNI Business Office for any changes. Changes made after August 10 may be assessed a $5 administrative change fee.

Do I need to bring my Bus Confirmation to get on the bus?

No. But your letter will have all of the information you need to catch the bus – name of the bus greeter, mobile phone number, pick up location, time, etc.. There is also a map of the airport on the confirmation letter that you may find helpful in assisting you to locate the GNI group if it’s your first time attending our Gathering.

How many buses will there be and how many available per time slot?

Typically, enough buses are dispatched to handle each departure at each location. There is one bus that will depart from the scheduled departure locations each day. Of course, the outgoing departure from camp has three (3) departure options.

May I bring all of my baggage on the bus or is there a limit?

You may bring all of your luggage on the bus, although the bus is nearly at capacity with baggage when most of the seats are full. We do ask that any smaller bags that can be carried on the bus (and stored overhead or under the seat) be taken with you to help ease the loading of the main cargo compartments under the bus. We suggest that, if you intend to bring a lot of items to camp and are registering to take the bus, you ship your items via a common carrier to camp.

To mail anything to camp, you will find mailing instructions and the address in your Confirmation Documents (required set).

I still have questions about bus transportation. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about bus transportation, please contact the GNI Business Office.