E-former submissions – additional details

The Gay Naturist E-former is GNI’s official publication. It is published every month.

The E-former is a benefit of being a member of GNI and, as such, is intended to provide information, education, and entertainment to gay naturists worldwide. Articles range from serious to light-hearted, and include some of the following topics: political news that is of interest to male naturists; members’ opinions; travel and adventure; naked nuggets in the news; news about other male naturist events; and “Naked Talent” highlighting a member (or couple) each issue.

Members of GNI are encouraged to contribute to The E-former by submitting articles, photographs, poetry, and their thoughts on the gay naturist experience. Here are some topics to consider:


Do you have a story from a recent GNI Gathering you would like to share? Everyone enjoys reading about others’ experiences at The Gathering.


If you belong to a local men’s naturist club, this is a great way to let your fellow GNI members and brother clubs throughout the world know what’s been going on with the local club you belong to.


Whenever possible, submit photographs to accompany your article. Photos will draw people to your article. Stories with accompanying photos will receive priority attention!

Since we are male naturists / nudists, we like to see other guys in the buff doing all kinds of activities from lounging in a chair to climbing trees to dancing naked to walking in the woods. Submit photographs that show men having fun, relaxing, or doing whatever you catch naked men doing (except having sex, of course). Photos can be in full color at 150 ppi or higher. Contact the E-former Editor if you have any questions.

Be sure to secure everyone’s permission in the photo and include their names, the photographer’s name, and when, where, and why it was shot. Most photos in The E-former have captions, so be sure to write a caption for each photo you submit.


We’re always looking for naked nuggets in the news — fun/ crazy/ zany articles about people being naked.


Share your thoughts and/or experiences (non-sexual) about being naked. These can be serious, thought-provoking, or just plain fun!

Submit articles and photographs