Can I change cabins if I prefer to be somewhere else?

You can ask to be placed elsewhere but the availability of openings in a particular cabin or area of camp is affected by a lot of variables. You may see the Executive Director to assist you while at camp.

I need help trying to locate and download my Confirmation documents for either The Gathering and/or NakedFest. How do I do that from my personal profile?

There are two (2) ways to retrieve and print your Confirmation Documents. The first way is by far the easiest. Although the instructions below are for The Gathering documents, the exact same instructions are used for NakedFest documents. The first and easiest way to retrieve your documents: Once you log in to the Member Directory,…

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I still have questions about registration for The Gathering. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about registration for The Gathering, please contact the GNI Business Office.

Oops… I’ve already registered for The Gathering but forgot to complete the Volunteer Form or I have now decided to volunteer help, or sell items at the Crafts Fair, or host a workshop. May I still do that?

Yes, you may. Send an e-mail to the Business Office and we will contact you to plan the time, day and place for your activity.

I want to volunteer to host a workshop or seminar at The Gathering. How do I do that and how is this planned?

Access and complete the online Registration Form. The Business Office will contact you to plan the time, day and place for your activity.

I plan to bring an RV to camp. May I register myself and bring friends with me in the RV?

You are welcome to bring friends to stay in your RV. However, each person who attends The Gathering must register separately. Unregistered friends who plan to stay in an RV will not be allowed entrance into camp or will be asked to register and pay for attendance on the spot (an additional administrative fee of…

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May I sign up for cabin housing and bring a tent if the weather is nice?

Of course! You may tent if the weather is nice or if you just want to find a private spot away from your cabin.

How do I sign up with a group or club to be housed in the same cabin?

Each group / club cabin has a Cabin Coordinator assigned to it. Your cabin coordinator will be responsible for arranging the housing in your cabin and he will communicate the group list to the Business Office. If you have questions regarding your group housing, please contact your Cabin Coordinator instead of the Business Office. If…

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What is the International Assistance Fund for?

This fund was created to assist our international members who are attending The Gathering in need of defraying their additional cost for travel & currency exchanges. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory.

Why does the registration form request a donation for a special event?

GNI plans special events and/or activities during the week. If you would like to help defray the cost to GNI of special events, please indicate on this line and include the amount in your payment. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory.