How do I know when my membership is going to expire? Is there a way that I can see when my membership will terminate?

Any member can check on his membership Expiration Date by viewing his profile in the Member Directory. Once you log in, click in “My Profile” and scroll down to the field that displays when your membership will expire found at the top of your profile details.  We will also send 30-day, 15-day, and 3-day notices…

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How do I cancel my membership and have my name removed from the Member Directory?

Contact the GNI Business Office and let us know of your wishes. Upon receipt of an e-mail, letter, postcard, etc., we’ll deactivate your profile and remove you from our active membership roster.

I changed some of my information and see that some of my entries have been edited. Why was that information changed?

The Business Office exports member contact information from the Member Directory and creates mailing labels, mail merges, etc. The Post Office requests that we use standardized mailing addresses with USPS approved abbreviations; thus, we may make some edits to your mailing information to ensure it complies with USPS standards. We will standardize telephone number formats…

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I received an announcement from the Board or Staff. The message went to an old e-mail account I don’t use. How do I update my e-mail address so announcements can be sent to my correct and current e-mail address?

If you are a current member and have your Username and Password, log in to the Member Directory and change your e-mail address to one that you would like to use through the “Edit Profile” link. If you do not have your Username and Password, the online assistance tool will not be able to assist…

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I recently moved and want to notify the GNI Business Office of the change of information. Can I send the office an e-mail with the changes or is there another way to update my contact information?

Sure, you can notify the GNI Business Office of any change in your profile information and we’ll make the changes for you or you can log in to your personal profile and edit most of the fields yourself. Due to the number of members who would delete their contact information, any change to your address…

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I am traveling and would like to know if there are local nude clubs in the area. Can I find listings for those clubs online?

Yes – the listing of Clubs is available for all members and the general public to view. You do not have to be a member of GNI to access the club listing. If you are looking for a particular club, you may use the “Advanced Search” feature to narrow your search parameters.

I registered for The Gathering and/or NakedFest. Can I see who else has registered and will be coming?

Yes – but only members who allow their profiles to be publicly viewed will be displayed in any search result. You will have to do an “Advanced Search” in order to find other members who are also registered for The Gathering and/or NakedFest. If you are looking for particular members and they do not show…

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How do I search for other member profiles?

Log in to the Member Directory with your Username and Password. Once you are logged in, click on the “Directory” link at the top of the page, then click on “Advanced Search”. There are a number of options provided for you to select what parameters you want to search for. You can search for all…

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I have more than one photo that I’d like to have in my profile. Can I have multiple photos?

Sorry – the software that runs our Member Directory allows for only one profile photo. You can change your photo at anytime by uploading a photo yourself.  Alternately, our interactive  social community allows members to create photo galleries in your own profile; you can upload any number of photos (up to 500 photos) to each…

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Are there size limitations to the photo that I can upload?

Yes. Maximum file size is 5 MB for profile photos but we recommend using a smaller file-sized photo to speed up loading times. Large images will be re-sized to 640 pixels on the longest side. Accepts JPG, GIF, and PNG file types.