I still have questions about nude clubs. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about nude clubs, please contact GNI’s Club Liaison.

I’m naked at home all the time, but I’ve never been nude in public. Can you be nude in public places with the group without the fear of being arrested?

While many of the nude events are hosted in members’ private homes, there are some events that must be hosted at a public facility, e.g., roller skating rinks, restaurants, and the like. Before a club announces an event at a public facility, it should check first with the owner of the establishment to find out…

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What are the benefits of having my local club become affiliated with GNI?

The benefit of becoming affiliated with GNI is that the club can use the resources that GNI has at its disposal for reaching a large number of male naturists quickly. GNI produces a semi-monthly publication entitled, GNI BuffBuzz that keeps all of our members and the clubs informed of what is happening all over in terms…

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Are all nudist groups affiliated with GNI? If not, why?

No. Not all nudist groups are affiliated with GNI. There may be various reasons why this is the case. Some groups may choose not to adhere to GNI’s policy on sexual activity during event hours while others may not know that they can become affiliated, if they so desire. GNI has a wealth of resources…

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I’ve heard about regional nudist camps. How do I find more information about them?

The largest and most popular gay naturist event is sponsored by GNI. Each year, up to 800 men join together for 10 days of nude recreation, activities, entertainment, and fun. Certainly, the GNI Gathering is not the only male nudist event around. In 2014, GNI created a second event called NakedFest. There are other groups…

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What types of activities do nude groups have?

Nudist clubs have a variety of activities ranging from potlucks, pool parties, holiday parties, costume parties, dinners (at restaurants), shopping sprees, Country/Western dances, disco dances, camping trips, karaoke nights, game nights, movie nights, etc. Other clubs host hiking trips, hot tub parties, beach days, volleyball tournaments, oil wrestling, massage workshops, photography workshops, etc. Some clubs…

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Will my name ever be made available to the public?

Clubs try to keep member information confidential. GNI is not aware of any club that sells its list to the public, but that does not prohibit a club from attempting to do so in the future. GNI does not sell or distribute, either in whole or in part, its own membership list for any reason…

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How much does it cost to join for singles and couples?

Each group charges its own membership rates for singles and couples. Obviously, there are administrative costs that may need to be covered by some type of membership dues, including the production and mailing of newsletters, post office box, etc. Ask your local club for its rates on membership dues.

May I visit a nude group first before I become a member?

Most clubs allow for first-time visitors or guests to attend an event before one is encouraged to join. Some groups request that a prospective member be “sponsored” by an existing member; other groups have an “open-door” policy for guests. Check with your local club for its policy on inviting guests and new members.

I don’t think that I’m attractive, young, or hung. Will I be accepted or will guys make fun of me?

The majority of men have a fear of being accepted in a nude setting due to self-esteem or confidence issues. Some may think that they may be too heavy, too thin, too hairy, too old, or simply not “large” enough. However, this is not what naturism is about. Naturism is the acceptance of the nude…

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