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Naked Dance Club

Dance Naked with 100s of Guys


Welcome to the Hottest and Largest Naked Gay Dance Club in the world.

Once upon a time, about a quarter century ago, in the early days of the Gathering, the
NAKED PARTY BOYS were presented with a challenge. They were handed a few sets
of twinkle lights and a roll of pink plastic table covering and asked to decorate a large
empty barn as the GNI Disco. They are a talented and creative group, and as the years
went by, the team continually raised the bar to design, construct and operate the
incredible DANCE CLUB we see today. They work tirelessly throughout the year and in
just four days prior to the gathering, transform the large nondescript barn into a seven
night fantasy space where hundreds of naked and sweaty men experience hours of fun.
Their hard work and dedication pays off too! THE DANCE CLUB is the highest rated
activity at every gathering.
Mark, Tony, Greg, Nick and their amazing crew invite you to party with them every night
beginning at 10:30.