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Mr. GNI Contest

Mr. GNI Contest Rehearsal

Thursday, August 22, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Auditorium

If you’ve got what it takes to represent gay naturism, we encourage you to sign up and participate in this highly-acclaimed naturist award. We’re looking for a diverse group of contestants that can represent the wide variety of fine men at GNI. Rehearsal is mandatory to compete in this contest. Take off your shoes; put on your smile, express your thoughts on stage, and have a lot of fun. Host: Paul L.

Showtime: Mr. GNI Contest

Thursday, August 22, 8:45 pm – 9:30 pm – Auditorium

is the face of GNI.  Contestants are judged on personality, poise, appearance, and dedication to the naturist spirit as presented in the GNI Mission Statement.  The Contest will celebrate the spirit of joy we share — here at the GNI Gathering.  You can sign up at registration, outside the PVR Office, or at the 4:00 pm rehearsal for the contest on Thursday.  Host: Paul L


* Free Friday Arrival to the 2019 GNI Gathering
* Trophy
1st Runner-Up
* Trophy

2nd Runner-Up
* Trophy

And the 2019 Mr. GNI Winner is… Gerald W. Knott

 2018 Mr. GNI Contest


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The Mr. GNI Leather Contest

In the mid-’90s, GNI began holding the Mr. GNI Leather contest as an outreach to affirm men who have an interest in leather/ kink/fetish lifestyles. The contest grew and became very popular commanding up to 15 participants per contest. Over time these men went on to represent GNI and win other titles such as IML 2017 with Ralph Bruneau.

The Goal

The objective of Mr. GNI Leather is to cultivate champions who will represent GNI and the Leather Community. This is done within the tradition exemplified in Leather contests Internationally and IML specifically. The winner of the Mr. GNI Leather contest will compete in the International Mr. Leather (IML) contest in Chicago.  If the winner is unable to represent GNI at IML, the first runner-up will assume the title and compete for International Mr. Leather as Mr. GNI Leather.
Mr. GNI Leather has created recent champions: Ralph Bruneau,  Mr. GNI Leather 2016,  IML 2017, Brian Ballone,  Mr. GNI Leather 2017,  IML 2018 Contestant, and Jonathan Kharfen Mr. GNI Leather 2018 who will join others in the Mr. GNI Leather contests as judges and mentors.

And the 2019 Mr. GNI LEATHER is …Jordan Tower

2018 Mr. GNI Leather, Jonathan Kharfen

The Process

The contest spans several days. There is an Application, an Interview, an impromptu question, a 90 second speech, a Jockstrap Physique Segment (oops, no need for a jockstrap to show skin at GNI), a Meet the Meat Party, and a unique segment of the Mr. GNI Leather contest is a BDSM skills component with a BDSM challenge. Ballots are given to each member attending The Gathering to vote for their favorite contestant.
The judges determine the allocation of points for each element of the contest. The criteria for the contest consists of an interview, along with the judge’s witness of the contestant’s engagement in GNI activities counting for up to 40 points of the score. Impromptu question 15 points, leather image and the 90 speech count for 30 points, the BDSM challenge gives the winner of the challenge 15 points, second place 10 points and the other contestants 5 points for participation. The person who gets the most number of camp ballots gets 15 points, the second most 10 points, and the third most 5 points. The max score is 115 (40 interview + 30 leather image and speech + 15 impromptu question + 15 for the challenge + 15 for the camp ballots).

The Judges

Jonathan Kharfen, 2018 Mr. GNI Leather

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Mr. GNI Leather?



Mr. Bare Bear 2019 Contest

gay naked camp bear contest

Friday, August 23, 3:00 p.m. – 3:15 pm at the Upper Pool during the Bare Bears Pool Party.

Contestants may sign up in advance at Gathering check-in, at information table on resort office porch, or just before the contest.

And the 2019 Mr. Bare Bear Winner is … Chauncey Dunn

2018 Mr. Bare Bear – Chris Gonzalez

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Miss Lace 2019

naked camp drag Miss Lace

Trixie May

Trixie May’s bio:

GNI created Trixie May when she was born from the Leather Drive In social hour in 2005. In the following years, Trixie May decided to lay low, as well as a couple of bus boys, and devoted her Diva life to charity, sewing little dresses for up and coming drag Tweens. In 2008, she made a dress for herself, entered Miss Lace and won the crown by singing to her own original song, ‘Look This Way, I’m Trixie May’.
In 2009, the Gathering membership was looking Trixie’s way when she produced, directed and co-hosted ‘That Price Ain’t So Right’. With her profits from Trixie May Productions, Trixie May became a joint owner of A8’s International House of Penis (IHOP), Hard Cock Café and the Cum and Go service station. In 2011, Trixie May thought she had finally found success in love with a big Gathering wedding during the Garden Party social hour. But after her GNI celebrity lesbian lover jilted her, Trixie May turned back to a life of giving. She gave so much of herself Across the Lake that she was surprised in return with a gift of thrush. In light of this crisis, Trixie May launched the ‘Keep It Clean Across the Lake’ campaign at the Gathering in 2015.
Trixie realized her talents to entertain needed to be brought back to this side of the lake and produced and co-hosted Miss Lace 2016 with her mother Hazel. Trixie then hosted the show solo in 2017 and 2018. Once again, Trixie returns to camp this year to host the 2019 Miss Lace Pageant. Stop by at cabin A8 for a cocktail on the way to the Dance Club and say ‘Hey’ to Trixie May!

Miss Lace 2019 Rehearsal (Thursday, 10 am – 12:30 pm)

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!   Let the fun begin as our Miss Lace 2019 contestants present their talent numbers during this morning session to determine the line-up of the final show.   Bring your heels, props, supporting cast members and anything else you require to practice on stage.  Save your make-up, dresses and costumes for the night of the show.   Remember to sign up during registration, outside the PV Office or at this rehearsal to enter Miss Lace 2019. Contestant participation at both Thursday and Friday rehearsals in the auditorium is necessary to capture the crown. Open different doors. You may find a you there that you never knew was yours!

Miss Lace 2019 Cue-to-Cue Rehearsal (Friday, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm)

You’ll need more than just a spoon full of sugar to win the crown!  Everyone participating in Miss Lace 2019 is required to attend this cue-to-cue rehearsal. We will run through the entire show.  Remember, your not like Trixie May Poppins, practically perfect in every way, therefore, contestants may request an additional practice of their entire talent number. So spit spot!  The quicker we’re into it, the quicker we’re out of it.

SHOWTIME: GNI Miss Lace Pageant

Close your mouths, we are not codfish! Yes, it’s another Miss Lace Show with Trixie and it’s going to be Supercattydragilistictrixiemayelicious! Trixie May and her drag family return this year with another show! Remember, the more contestants, the better the show. Anything can happen if you let it.
* Free Friday Arrival to the 2020 GNI Gathering
* Rhinestone Crown & Miss Lace 2019 Sash
* Robert Clifton Memorial Cup

And the 2019 MISS LACE  Winner is… Josh La Force

 2019 MISS LACE , Deva Corvette

Are you the next Miss Lace?