Naked Yoga Immersion at GNI Gathering


Balance Mind, Body, Spirit, and Friendship.

There isn’t a better environment to enter into, or, explore your practice of yoga than Naked Camp at The Gathering. Yoga is available throughout the day and we welcome all levels from beginner to more advanced. The practices vary from physical, flowing vinyasa, to introspective meditation, to restorative stationary yin, to sensual partner practices, massage, and more. So there is a yoga exploration available for all interests. Also, we have a number of experienced teachers who have slightly varying styles, which makes it interesting; but above all, are patient and make the practice of yoga enjoyable to participate in, centering, and fun.

In 2018 We Launched our First
Weekend Yoga Retreat at the Gathering
Yoga Foundations for Life

It was a Sellout Success!!!


Last year we introduced a special Weekend Yoga Retreat at The Gathering: Yoga Foundations for Life.
It consists of 5 practices that teach techniques to give you the power of yoga to combat noise, stress, distraction, depression, and isolation from other men, to bring you calm, balance, focus, contentment, and connection.
Designed for those new to yoga, and those that have practiced. Limited to 25. $75 fee.


If you would like to participate in a yoga retreat in 2019, contact our Yoga Coordinator.