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GNI would like to make special recognition to and thank the sponsors who donate time, energy, and resources to enhance our member’s experience at our annual Gathering. These companies are recognized by the “Sponsor” ribbon found in each listing. We encourage our members and the general public to support the companies and organizations who support GNI!

Turtle Cove Beach Resort






Turtle Cove Beach Resort, Cairns Australia

Be assured, Turtle Cove Beach Resort is not your ordinary Gay and Lesbian Hotel! Come and explore our totally private, Adult only, clothing optional, tropical beach and have the holiday/vacation of your lifetime!








The premier online masturbation community for gay, bisexual, and straight men from all over the world. Join Bateworld and receive a 30-day, complimentary premium membership!








NAKd.life Magazine

NAKd.Life is the magazine for and by real nudist men. Real Men. Really Naked. Consider us a magazine celebrating men as they are. With great articles, great information, great nude men, reader-submitted stories, and inspiring photographs we aim to provide our readers with the information they need to be part of a community of other nude men. We welcome all generations of male nudist as we continue to expand our readership to include all men – everywhere.


Free picture, video and profile sharing for men. Cool dudes. Hot pics.

Vitambi Springs

Vitambi Springs is primarily an All-Male, Private Membership Resort for adults over the age of 21.

Naturist Action Committee (NAC)

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) is the nonprofit political adjunct to The Naturist Society working to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America.

Naturist Education Fund (NEF)

The Naturist Education Fund is the non-profit and educational adjunct to The Naturist Society.


Your headquarters for naked leather shopping.
LeatherWerks is the Southeastern United States premier Leather and Fetish shop. Come check out the thousands of items that we have in stock in either our Main or Ramrod stores.
Founded by The Bear Man and Eric Lawrence in 1995, LeatherWerks is a full service leather shop addressing the needs of gay men and the greater pan-sexual fetish community.
LeatherWerks, Where Leather is a Lifestyle



The Body Electric School

Offering workshops in sensual massage and self-discovery, including Celebrating the Body Erotic.


Naked Key West

Organizer of the Naked Getawayâ„¢ weekends in Key West, Florida.

South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association (SFFB/FNA)

Founder and protector of Florida’s premier naturist beach at Haulover Beach in Miami.

B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation Institute

Establishing amicable and mutually beneficial working partnerships with government, business, and naturist beach advocacy groups to establish and manage clothing-optional beaches.





OutClique.org features gay and gay-friendly events. Drink specials, social events, charity functions, leather themed groups, dance parties, whatever is going on, it’s here. OutClique is your one-stop-shop for gay happenings in South Florida.OutClique also lists the gay and gay-friendly businesses, places, and resources of South Florida. Clubs, restaurants, barbershops, attorneys, massage therapists, beaches, coffee shops, and more. Here, you’ll also find a list of their events and pictures.

So whether users live here, are visiting, or are planning their next vacation, it’s a great time to be GAY in South Florida. Out motto is: get OUT, be yourself, make some new friends, grab some great photographs, and most of all, enjoy every minute of it. You never know what new Clique awaits!