Social Hours

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August 17 – 26, 2018


Social Hour Themes
GNI Gathering Social Hours, August 2018; 5 to 6-ish p.m. (except as otherwise noted)
Day DateTheme (or submission guideline)Sponsoring club or group*
Friday17TBD (Naked theme)GNI Staff
Sunday19TBD (International theme)GNI Board of Directors
Tuesday21TBD (Color theme)TBD
Wednesday22TBD (Naked theme)TBD
Thursday23TBD (Leather theme)Mr. GNI Leather Contestants
Friday24TBD (Bear theme)Bare Bears – Cabin A1

GNI encourages participants at the themed Social Hours to be creative with their costumes, but in a manner that is appropriate to the theme and consistent with the nudist character of The Gathering.

* GNI thanks the sponsoring clubs, cabins, or other groups whose members provide volunteer staffing for Social Hours.

To sponsor a Social Hour, contact the GNI Business Office with the name or cabin number of your group, the available day your group is committing to volunteer, and three theme suggestions (within the guideline, if any, for that day). The Gathering Committee will select the best one and post it here.