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This was an old summer camp for kids that has been updated to cater to professional organizations, corporate retreats and adult groups.

Have a blast in one of 70+ cabins that house 8-18 men each (the average cabin holds 8-10 men). Beds and mattresses are provided, and can be arranged any way you like. Camp staff is available to help get your gear to your cabin or campsite.

Each cabin has full bathroom facilities and begs for your designer touch (we can lose the clothes, but we can’t lose the gay gene).

Tents / RVs
We have spaces for Tents & RVs. Sewer, water, and electrical hookups are not available, although you will be assigned nearby shower and bathroom privileges. Each member in your tent or RV must register separately.

Hotel and Offsite Housing
If rustic thoughts give you a rash, why not stay in a nearby hotel and join us for daily activities? Room and commute charges will be your responsibility, and no fees will be deducted, but some of us can’t put a price on luxury! Contact our Business Office to learn more.