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NakedFest – GNI’s new summer event – made its premier in August 2014 with huge success!  Drawing on the tradition of our annual signature event, The Gathering, we create a fresh, new summer event, rich with content, for men to frolic naked in the woods.  If you are familiar with The Gathering, prepare for a new experience as NakedFest delivers something new.

At this time, GNI is not planning to host NakedFest in 2016. We are planning one in 2017 at a new location. Watch for details.

With hundreds of guests, our new event – NakedFest – is the world’s largest all-nude event. It’s open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men who are at least 21 and a current member of GNI.

While most campers hail from the US, we welcome guests from around the world including our neighbors to the north – Canada,  Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Australia. For most of us, NakedFest is more of a reunion than a vacation, with many familiar faces returning every year.

Located in northern Maryland, the camp is about an hour drive from both Baltimore and Philadelphia making it easily accessible by cars, buses, trains, and planes.  The camp features a number of newly renovated cabins that are self-contained with showers, sinks, toilets,  “memory foam” mattresses and box springs and comfortably houses up to 450 men.  For those that want to “rough it”, there is ample space for tenting and RV’s with showers and restrooms nearby. 

A number of camp amenities are available for our use including a large dining hall, theater, amphitheater, and an outdoor, covered Pavilion, to name a few.  An Olympic-size swimming pool, volleyball, indoor/outdoor basketball courts, and a variety of other sports facilities round out the options available for our use.  With over 200 acres of heavily-wooded forests, lots of privacy can be found most anywhere; walking trails abound.  Take a walk “across the lake”; find your nearest private hideaway to share alone or invite a buddy, and enjoy the warmer temps traditionally experienced during a summer vacation with an earlier scheduled venue.  Admission to NakedFest includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), beverages (water, soft drinks, beer, and wine), accommodations, use of camp facilities (basketball/tennis/volleyball courts), admission to all evening activities and more. Unless you purchase something from the Crafts Fair, GNI store, or NAC/NEF auction, you won’t need any cash or credit cards!


NakedFest Housing


Registration is CLOSED.

There will not be any walk-up registrations; pre-registration is required.  

June 4 – 7, 2015

Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!

Admission to NakedFest includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), beverages (water, soft drinks, beer, some mixed drinks, and wine), accommodations, use of camp facilities (basketball/tennis/volleyball courts), admission to all activities and more. Unless you purchase something from the Crafts Fair, GNI store, or the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) auction, you won’t need any cash or credit cards!

GNI is offering two levels of housing: Standard housing for $110 per day, and Premium housing for $130 per day.  Premium housing is limited to two (2) locations (Cabin U and White House, see map below) and cannot be mixed with other housing options.  Cabin U is set aside for upgrades to Private Rooms for those that would like to pay for the extra bed in a 2-man room.  The cost to upgrade Premium housing to a Private Room is $195.  If you are interested in staying in a private room, we encourage you to select the private room option at the time you register.  Otherwise, upgrades will be contingent on availability and room assignments that have been made.  No more than 14 rooms will be used for private rooms. 

Standard housing consists of open bunk, group housing holding an average of 10 men per cabin.  Premium housing consists of individual rooms that sleep two (2) men; 14 rooms are reserved for potential private room upgrades.  We anticipate that these will sell out early and once the rooms have been reserved, there will be no more to offer. 

Premium housing upgrades are offered only to those who register for June 4 – 7, 2015.  Daily options are not eligible for Premium housing upgrades.

NakedFest Discounts

10% Next Generation Discount

If you’re a first-timer under 35 years old when you register, we’ll give you 10% off camp and bus registration fees the first time you attend NakedFest. It’s part of our Next Generation Initiative for Naturism (NGIN), which is all about getting younger guys to discover the joys of nudism. Just scan and e-mail a copy of your government-issued ID or fax it to (954) 567-2070.

Bring-A-Buddy Referral Rebate
Up to a $20 Referral Rebate

If you’ve attended The Gatheringin the past, you’ll receive up to a $20 rebate* for every first-time attendee to NakedFest you refer!

To receive this credit, you and your new guest(s) must both register, pay for, and attend NakedFest, then let us know who referred whom before June 1, 2015. If anybody cancels or is a no-show, this offer is void, although there is no limit on rebates offered! Rebates in the form of a check will be mailed after NakedFest has ended.

*$20.00 rebates are issued for attendance from June 4 – 7, 2015.  Rebates are not issued for day passes.

Linen Rentals: why schlep your sheets?

Linen rentals are available for only $44 and include:

  • a twin fitted sheet

  • top sheet

  • pillowcase

  • pillow

  • blanket

  • 3 large bath towels

  • 2 washcloths

Just check the linen rental box when you register!

NakedFest Pricing

Admission includes all meals, beverages, accommodations, use of camp facilities. There is no price variation for tents or RV’s. Prices listed below are per person.

Attendance Options Standard Housing (includes Tents/RV’s)
Premium Housing Private Room

Full Week,
June 4-7, 2015

$330 $390 $585

Daily Rate

$110 N/A N/A

Daily Rate
(If you extend at camp)

$125 N/A N/A


Cabin and Rooms

Cabin U is upgradable to private rooms.  White House rooms are not eligible for upgrades to private rooms.

Standard Housing Cabin Number of Beds Premium Housing Number of Beds Private Room Number of Beds
Cabin 1
13 Cabin U, Rm 1 2 Cabin U, Rm 1 1
Cabin 2
13 Cabin U, Rm 2 2 Cabin U, Rm 2 1
Cabin 3
13 Cabin U, Rm 3 2 Cabin U, Rm 3 1
Cabin 4 13 Cabin U, Rm 4 2 Cabin U, Rm 4 1
Cabin 5 10 Cabin U, Rm 5 2 Cabin U, Rm 5 1
Cabin 6
10 Cabin U, Rm 6 2 Cabin U, Rm 6 1
Cabin 7 7 Cabin U, Rm 7 2 Cabin U, Rm 7 1
Cabin 8 7 Cabin U, Rm 8 2 Cabin U, Rm 8 1
Cabin 9
7 Cabin U, Rm 9 2 Cabin U, Rm 9 1
Cabin 10
7 Cabin U, Rm 10 2 Cabin U, Rm 10 1
Cabin 11 7 Cabin U, Rm 11 2 Cabin U, Rm 11 1
Cabin 12 7 Cabin U, Rm 12 2 Cabin U, Rm 12 1
Cabin 13 7 Cabin U, Rm 13 2 Cabin U, Rm 13 1
Cabin 14 7 Cabin U, Rm 14 1 Cabin U, Rm 14 0
Cabin 15
10 White House, Rm 1 2
Cabin 16
10 White House, Rm 2 2
Cabin 17 10 White House, Rm 3 1
Cabin 18
10 White House, Rm 4 4
Cabin 19
10 White House, Rm 5 2
Cabin 20
10 White House, Rm 6 3
Cabin A
7 White House, Rm 7 4
Cabin B 7 White House, Rm 8 2
Cabin C 7
Cabin D 7
Cabin E
Cabin F 9
Cabin G
Cabin H 10
Cabin I 10
Cabin J 10
Cabin K
Cabin L 10
Cabin M
Cabin N
Cabin O
Cabin P
Cabin Q 7
Cabin R
Cabin S  Reserved
Cabin T  Reserved

Camp Map

To enlarge this map below, click here: Camp Map

Hillside House” found on the map is Cabin U.

Camp Map

Social Hours

Registration is CLOSED.

There will not be any walk-up registrations; pre-registration is required.

June 4 – 7, 2015

Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!

Social Hour Themes
NakedFest 2015 Social Hours, 5:00 to 6:00-ish p.m. (except as otherwise noted)
Day DateTheme (or submission guideline)Sponsoring club or group*
Thursday04Naked CityGNI Staff
Friday05The World FairGNI Board of Directors
Saturday06Now You See It; Now You Don’tOPEN

GNI supplies the beverages and snacks — but the sponsoring group provides volunteers to staff the wine bar. In return, the group may decorate the venue, hang its banner, set out literature, hand out invitations (e.g., to a cabin party), etc.  They can also choose a music playlist, pass out party favors, play games or have contests … whatever their imagination comes up with (within reason, of course).

GNI encourages participants at the themed Social Hours to be creative with their costumes, but in a manner that is appropriate to the theme and consistent with the nudist character of NakedFest.

* GNI thanks the sponsoring clubs, cabins, or other groups whose members provide volunteer staffing for Social Hours.

To sponsor a Social Hour, contact the GNI Business Office with the name or cabin number of your group and the day your group is committing to volunteer.

Bus Transportation

Registration is CLOSED.

There will not be any walk-up registrations; pre-registration is required.

Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!

We arrange reliable transportation to NakedFest from Philadelphia International (PHL) and Baltimore International (BWI) Airports. Just reserve and pay for your seat when you register. Buses depart on time, and the trip is about 1-1/2 to 2 hours, so plan your flights accordingly. Fares are $53* each way.

Buses To Camp

Thursday, June 4, 2015

  • 2:00pm – Thursday, June 4, 2015 – From Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

  • 2:00pm – Thursday, June 4, 2015 – From Baltimore International Airport (BWI)

Boarding locations: 

  • Philadelphia International Airport – Terminal B/C, Ground Transportation.  Passengers are to go down the escalators to the baggage claim areas and then back through the terminal towards the signs that read GROUND TRANSPORTATION.

  • Baltimore International Airport – Terminal C, Ground Transportation.

Buses To the Airports

Sunday, June 7, 2015

  • 9:00am – Sunday, June 7, 2015 – To Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

  • 9:00am – Sunday, June 7, 2015 – To Baltimore International Airport (BWI)

Drop offs will be the same locations as pick ups (see above).

If you can’t make these buses, and can’t drive, you can catch a train into Aberdeen MD.  From there, you can take a taxi to camp which is about a 10 mile ride.  Call Aberdeen Taxi at (410) 272-0880 to arrange a ride to camp.

*The bus rate is subject to a fuel surcharge and, if imposed, will be collected when you board. Reservations made after May 15 must be paid by credit card. Cancellations are subject to a $8 fee per trip, and changes made after your confirmation notice is sent are subject to a $5 fee.

Register Here

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to register online. We’ve also created forms for those that prefer to download, print, and mail your registration materials to the Business Office.

Registration is CLOSED.

There will not be any walk-up registrations; pre-registration is required.

We know that a page full of terms and conditions looks scary, but please take the time to read through them. They have been created to make sure you know the nature of event, and to make sure everyone has a good time at NakedFest. Thank you for your patience, and your interest in GNI!

Click above to view our 2014 schedule. This year will be very similar!


  1. This is a NUDE EVENT for men aged 21 and over. Clothing is permitted only for medical conditions, inclement weather, and as a costume for stage performers and theme parties.

  2. Still cameras can be used only in photo approved zones. Always ask permission before you take anybody’s photo to avoid problems. DO NOT take photos of anyone with a red dot/card (no photo) name badge.

  3. In the same spirit, red dot/card wearers may not photograph or participate in any high profile contests, shows or activities that attract photographers where cameras may be used.

  4. The use of video cameras is PROHIBITED. Violators may be expelled from the camp and NakedFest, without refund.

  5. Your name badge must be with you at all times and must be worn at all meals.

  6. Always sit on a towel.

  7. No indoor smoking. Please dispose of all cigarettes properly.

  8. No littering. Please use the receptacles provided for both trash and recycling.

  9. No open displays of sexual activity on the “near” side of the lake.

  10. No nudity on buses, within sight of camp boundaries, or off-premise.

  11. No illegal substances, drugs, firearms or weapons of any kind on the campgrounds. Authorities may be notified and violators expelled from camp without refund. This is a Drug-Free event.

  12. No fires except in designated campfire areas.

  13. No pets.

The entire cost of NakedFest and bus transportation is payable in full at time of registration. You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), check, or money order in US funds.

  • Each applicant – including couples – must submit a separate registration form.

  • Confirmation documents will be uploaded to your profile in the online Member Directory. Instructions to retrieve them will be provided by e-mail.

If you request and pay the $49 cancellation guarantee fee when you register, and are unable to attend NakedFest for any reason, you may cancel your registration until May 15 at no further cost. Consider purchasing the Cancellation Guarantee if you have any concerns about attendance at the time your register, as it cannot be purchased separately.

Cancellation requests received on or before May 15, by anybody who has not paid the Cancellation Guarantee at time of registration, will be honored less a $119 fee. Cancellation requests received on or before May 15, by anybody who has taken the Cancellation Guarantee at time of registration, will receive a full refund for NakedFest registration and bus transportation fees.

Cancellation requests received will be refunded per the following schedule:

  • on or before May 1: $119 cancellation fee (for those who don’t have the Cancellation Guarantee)

  • from May 2 – May 15: 50% penalty (less $119 cancellation fee for those who don’t have the Cancellation Guarantee or full refund for those that have the Cancellation Guarantee)

  • After May 15: No refund (for all NakedFest attendees)

Credit card refunds will be processed within 10-business days from the day of receipt of the request. Check and money order refunds will be processed within 30 days from the day of receipt of the request. All refund requests must be made in writing to the GNI Business Office by e-mail, post, or fax. We cannot transfer fees paid to a future year or to another person.

Any member who submits a check for annual dues, NakedFest , or GNI store items that is returned for NSF will be assessed a $45 service charge from GNI, and money owed as a result of an NSF check or credit card charge-back may result in suspension of membership until payment has been made.

Please respect and abide by these rules, question those who may be misinformed, and, if you cannot resolve an issue, contact a Board member immediately.

  • Still cameras may be used unless otherwise announced. It is the photographer’s responsibility to request permission of anyone in frame before taking a photograph. If there is any objection, please delete or destroy the picture immediately.

  • Videos and other recordings may only be taken with the written permission of GNI and all parties involved (including those in the background).

  • No photo, video or other recording of GNI-sponsored events may be posted online without the express, written permission of those involved and GNI.

  • Recordings, photos or videos my not be taken of or by anyone with a red dot/card (“no photo”) name badge.

  • If you’re wearing a red dot/card (“no photo”) name badge, do not place yourself in situations where you can expect photos will be taken, and note you may not participate in high profile contests, shows and activities.

  • The Night Club is a “No Photo” zone.

  • Special events with photo sessions may be scheduled, but must be pre-approved by the Board.

  • Recording equipment, aside from anything providing entertainment at the Night Club, will not be allowed on the premises without Board pre-approval. This includes, but is not limited to, handheld cellular devices, video cameras, still cameras, tape recorders, voice memo recorders and streaming media.

  • Social hours are considered GNI-sponsored activities; thus, our photo policy is in effect.

  • Clearly defined photo zones may be created, where your presence will constitute approval for photos taken.

  • Violators of this policy may be expelled from the camp without refund, and any video or photos may be confiscated and/or destroyed.

In the event NakedFest is cancelled, postponed or cannot be held due to acts of war, natural disaster, hurricanes, floods or other weather emergencies, public unrest, terrorism, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of GNI, GNI shall not be obligated to refund any NakedFest registration fees, either in full or in part, unless approved on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors of GNI. It is your responsibility to protect your travel investment; thus, we recommend that every attendee purchase travel insurance from an authorized insurance agent.

Please arrive at or after the check-in time found in your Confirmation Documents. There will be no check-in between the hours of 11PM and 8AM.

WiFi access is available throughout camp, although the network is unsecured. Information sent to or from your device can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software, within the range of the access point. We cannot provide technical assistance and are unable guarantee a wireless connection.

NakedFest site takes place in northern Maryland. Evenings can be cool, and it may even rain, so plan accordingly. Forecasts will be posted daily.

Registration fees cover all your expenses for the week. There is no need to bring large sums of cash to camp. However, you may want to do some shopping at the GNI Crafts Fair or purchase something at the Naturists Action Committee (NAC) silent auction fundraiser. Credit cards are accepted at the GNI store and the NAC auction. Please leave valuables at home as we do not provide a safe, locked room, or secure area. You can, however, purchase a portable safe from a nearby office supply store and keep it with you in your cabin. You are responsible for your own security.

Click here to REGISTER ONLINE for NakedFest 2015
All registration forms have been disabled.
Print a Registration Packet (includes all forms)
Print one Registration FormPrint one Bus Transportation FormPrint one Volunteer Form