Naked Yoga Immersion at GNI Gathering


Balance Mind, Body, Spirit, and Friendship.

Starting around the turn of this century with just a handful of groups, Naked Yoga has burgeoned into a major trend as practitioners realize the added benefits of yoga unencumbered by clothes. While there are some mixed-gender classes and a few for women only, the overwhelming majority of Naked Yoga classes are for men. Yoga has long been a staple of the program for GNI’s annual men’s nude Gathering.

GNI supports this wonderful movement year-round by maintaining an online listing with contact information for Naked Yoga classes open to men throughout the world. It is updated in real time as GNI learns of changes.

Although GNI’s listing includes many physical addresses, some groups prefer not to publish their meeting location for reasons of privacy or security. In either case, when planning to attend a class, make contact beforehand to verify the group is still meeting at the published time, has enough space, and welcomes your participation. And please let them know that GNI referred you!