Pocono Eagle

The Pocono Eagle

Join Us for a Leather Adventure Like No Other!

Explore your kink in and out of leather. At GNI’s annual men’s nude event – our 33rd annual Gathering in August, you can not only enjoy the world’s largest all-male nude event, but also explore your inner kink through classes, parties, and contests.

— Kink classes sponsored by LeatherWerks
— Mr. GNI Leather contest
— Outdoor play spaces
Learn: In cooperation with Leatherwerks, GNI is pleased to provide a series of hands-on workshops. Bondage, flogging, and electricity,  are among the kinks you can explore in an intimate setting.

Practice: Contests give you the opportunity to try out what you learned in class!

GNI’s daily pre-dinner social hour is leather-themed on Thursday, hosted by our very own leather contestants, which will also feature our annual Mr. GNI Leather contest!

Watch or win:
Of course, don’t forget the annual Mr. GNI Leather Contest! Watch some of GNI’s hottest men compete for the GNI Leather sash and vest, or enter yourself for the opportunity to win some great prizes! The winner is qualified to compete in the following year’s International Mr. Leather (IML) contest in Chicago.

Shop: Fort Lauderdale’s famous LeatherWerks opens its Northeastern Pennsylvania branch to meet all your leather/fetish needs and returns once again to The GNI Gathering’s 33rd Annual event. A sponsor of GNI.

Plus, the Pocono Eagle wants to thank GNI and the community at The Gathering for welcoming them to Naked Camp. The Pocono Eagle realizes the leap of faith GNI and the naturist community took in opening their Gathering home to a larger family.

The naturist and leather communities have been on parallel paths for many years. We have all been seeking and expressing our freedom in crafting the identities’ of our lives, in our own ways, as architects of our individual, and our communities’ futures. So it is natural for us to finally join each other, as brothers with common interests, who seek freedom, friendship, and family, and who offer support for each other through open hearts, and an open home.

The Pocono Eagle is on the road with Boots and Bourbon Parties.

Next Stop:

Leatherwerks: Ft Lauderdale, FL
Saturday, Feb 10th, 2018

Drop-In, take off your clothes, leave your boots on, meet the guys, have some bourbon,  and join the fun!

Click the image above to connect to our Facebook Group and RSVP.

Also, Join Us at Naked Camp at The Gathering, 
August 17 – 26, 2018!