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We are happy to provide resources to help you find all kinds of nude groups and activities. Click on any link below to view listings and get more info.

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Gay Naturists International

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Nude Clubs

Nude Clubs

The past several years have seen an explosion of men’s naturist clubs at the local level. Ranging from a couple of dozen guys that get together naked for potluck dinners or movie nights to hundreds that gather nude for huge pool or dance parties, there are now over 200 groups on all continents except Antarctica (for good reason — brrr!). Of those, approximately one-third are formally affiliated with GNI.

While we hope to see you at one of our signature events – The GNI Gathering every August in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, NakedFest in early summer in northern Maryland, or on our various nude tropical adventures each year, GNI also strongly encourages you to participate in the activities of the nearest club where you live or travel. It’s a great way to keep that special GNI feeling going year-round!

If you are looking for nude activities in the area where you live or plan to travel, please contact the local club(s) directly, and let them know that GNI referred you!

Note: In the listings and on the map, clubs marked with their own logo or a gay naturist emblem
(Gay naturist emblem) are affiliated with GNI. 

View club listings *
Navigation notes: First, click on above link. Default listing is all clubs by country, state/province postal abbreviation, and name. Use page controls near bottom of results screen to scroll through. Click on the name of a club to open its full profile.

To refine your search, use Advanced Search features under Directory tab in dark blue bar near top of results screen. Use alphabet links to narrow your search to countries other than U.S.


Mainstream (mixed-gender)

Help (nude club FAQs)

* If you are a club official and would like to list your club or submit an update to a current listing, contact GNI’s Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison.

Club affiliation with GNI

Every male naturist club, recognizing its mutual interest in male naturism with Gay Naturists International, Inc. (GNI), may request to be designated in GNI’s publications and on GNI’s website as GNI-affiliated. Once its affiliation application is approved, a club may also describe itself as GNI-affiliated in its literature and publications and on its web site. GNI affiliation offers additional benefits.

Club affiliation with GNI is free of charge.

Before you apply to affiliate your club with GNI, please note the following:

  • GNI asks only that you complete and sign the GNI Affiliation Questionnaire & Agreement, affirming that your group’s principal function is as a male naturist club.

  • Your club agrees to a mutual exchange of newsletters with GNI. Exchange of your newsletter with other clubs in your region is encouraged, but not mandatory.

  • You must also acknowledge receipt of a copy of the GNI Bylaws.

  • Your club has the right to designate a representative from your club to an Advisory Council that GNI could form to provide input to GNI on local club issues.

  • Your club understands that, by receipt of written request,  either party may terminate this agreement at any time. 


This is a PDF file, which requires Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. If you don’t have it or haven’t updated it in a while, you may download the latest version for free.

If there are any questions, contact GNI’s Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison.
Benefits of club affiliation with GNI

Start a new club

Would you like to form a men’s naturist / nudist club in your locality, but don’t know where to begin? Don K., former GNI Club Liaison, developed some suggestions for budding organizers. For your first meeting, have a potluck dinner and invite as many guys as you can. You definitely want plenty of time to discuss lots of ideas, such as:

  • Do you have a name for your group?

  • How large do you want your group to be? You really do need to set a goal and/or limits. Believe it or not, you might grow too big.

  • What is a realistic number for you and the group?

  • Do you have several locations or venues for your events? The more the merrier and it keeps the events more interesting rather than the same location over and over. It gets tiresome for the host also.

  • Are you going to allow sexual activity at your events? Some groups are non-sexual.

  • If you are going to allow sexual activity, will it be only during certain hours? Where will it be and what rules will apply?

  • Do you have rules for joining or attending events and/or membership?

  • Will you charge membership fees? If so, what do you get for your membership versus being a guest? What are the advantages of joining?

  • Will you provide a membership directory for the members?

  • What kind of nametags will you use for members and guests?

  • How often will you meet and who will be in charge of setting the events and helping the hosts? Events Coordinator/ Party Director assigns duties to everyone.

  • Will you create a web site? (If your club affiliates with GNI, it is entitled to free web hosting on GNI’s server. For details, see Club Affiliation with GNI.)

  • What address and phone number will you use as contact information for your club?

  • Can you find some businesses, restaurants, or bars to host parties?

  • Will you raise money for charities? Some clubs raise money for children with AIDS and some donate money to the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) or to nearby mainstream naturist groups involved in political action on the local level.

  • How will you advertise or market your group to others? Do you have a gay newspaper or magazine that will allow you to print a story about your group or list your group in its organizations listing? This is extremely helpful to obtain new people, which is important to keep things interesting for everyone. There’s nothing worse than simply sitting around nude and trying to think of new things to do.


Create theme parties for many of your events. Some examples include Nudi-Gras, Boots and Bandanas, Easter Bonnet Party, and Leather Inferno. With these questions in mind or printed out (so that you don’t forget something), have your meeting and find out who the leaders in your group are and who is best suited for what duties. Remember, you can organize your group any way you feel is best for you and your circumstances. You will either attract or discourage people according to the choices you make. But almost anything you decide is fine if it works.

We would caution that any time you are dealing with a strictly volunteer organization, time and effort are always precious. Running a successful club will be very rewarding in friendships and great entertainment. Let your imagination take charge and try something new that you have never done or heard of.

Keeping things interesting is the key. Please let us know of the new things you have discovered and the fun you’ve created!

Need help? If you would like more information or have any specific questions about forming a club, please see nude club FAQ’s or contact GNI’s Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison.

Contact Club Liaison

GNI’s Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison chairs the Club Relations Committee, which interfaces with nearly 200 local men’s naturist clubs worldwide. He maintains GNI’s club database. He also interfaces with mainstream naturist organizations such as the Naturist Action Committee, The Naturist Society, and regional groups.

If you are a club official, please check your club’s listing and use this form to report any update to the Club and Naturist Outreach Liaison.

Naked Yoga class instructors or coordinators may also use this form to report any change or addition to their class listing.

The following individuals serve on the Club Relations Committee:

TBD (Chair)
Rick J.
Steve F.

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